Friday, January 1, 2010


Time flies!

Just like the speed of light! 2009 just passed and now it is 2010. It is so fast that sometime we missed some of the moments and chances. What past had past, we can't turn back time but we can learn from the past and make better changes for the time up ahead us. Let's us all have a great 2010!

Right before 2009 ended, i have the chance to meet new people from country that is far far away. It is my first time experienced to bring strangers that I met through the internet and show them around in Brunei. And whats more new is that they are...

ANG MOH!!! Say hi to Inaki & Esther! They came all the way from Spain to try the local cuisine and love Brunei a lot. It was a nice time spending with them that we talked and laughed.

And before the 2009 end, I spent the last of it at my cousin's place with my family and relatives. As mentioned before on the previous post, December is the month of barbecue!

As always, the most favorite chicken wings that my cousin prepared. Had been eating these for years. As for these year, there is extra menu that caught my attention and appetite which is the...

BBQ tiger prawn that stuffed with cheese and black pepper!!! YUMMY...
That is the last meal I had in 2009! Bye bye 2009.

And hello 2010.

The first place that I went in 2010.

2010 reminds me of school reopen! Awww~ It also had been a while since I had long holiday. The time I totally put the word "school" aside! It was a fun holiday that I spent all the time with my friends.

But sometime having too much free time is not good too. It is because by the time we woke up, we don't know what to do next and seems like there are no aim or any productivity on the day. These are the times that we started to do some "no-life" thing!

Spotted that on one of the shopping center in Brunei and decided to put a signature on it too!

Can you all guess where the place is?

Holiday is coming to an end. It is time to get serious!!!
Why So Serious

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