Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dates With Diana F+

It had been two months since we both met and I'm still in the process getting know more about her.

Two months ago, she is a stranger to Brunei because she came all the way from China. Brunei is a new environment for her as everything seems unfamiliar. It would takes times and efforts for her to get used what's in Brunei. A new surroundings & peoples for her to know, new cultures for her to learn and new lifestyles for her to adapt.

The better way to learn all those above is go for many many outings!

*The pictures below were all taken by Lomography Camera [Diana F+]

She get to watch the last [HOME] game played by Barracudas Brunei in National Indoor Stadium. [The second roll film used, mostly every pictures in that film turned out to be very very blurry]

Brunei is a Muslim country that is MIB, "Melayu Islam Beraja". Showing her around and learn the cultures that are different from we Chinese.

Brought her to the busy commercialized areas in Brunei-Muara that are the Kiulap and Gadong to see the lifestyles in Brunei. [Seemed that images taken on daytime with strong-light exposure is not blurry compare to the one taken in areas with low-light exposure]

In 2months time, she also get to witnessed one of the grandest celebration celebrating in Brunei that is the National Day. [Picture was taken in the car on the way to BSB from Kiulap]

And also the Chinese New Year! [Picture taken @ NBT Gadong where they made CNY's decorations around, image still blurry]

Chinese New Year is all about visiting houses to houses and wish everyone a prosperous new year!

After some time, it is time to introduce her to the families, relatives and friends...

Taken @ Kampong Lamunin during my uncle's birthday.

The most important person to meet, my MUM! That's when the "LOMO" meets the "LOUMOU"!!! [LouMou in Cantonese means Mother]

And also my little brother, Ah-Liang & my cousin whom is playing handphone, Kojack.

My cousin, Chiew Sheh & Wen Biau that had gone back to Kuala Lumpur. [Didn't roll the Kodak Film properly to fit the frame]

Taken in Excapade Sushi Gadong.

It was one great dinner I had with few of my closest friends.

Diana is hard to control because she is sensitive.

Once the hands move a bit while holding/ releasing the shutter, the pictures turn out to be blurry. Even with the viewfinder, it is hard to capture the right angle. Numbers of picture that turned out different from what I see from the viewfinder while capturing it. The pictures either showing the only half of the people or the only half of the things.

Even though Diana is sensitive and hard to understand...

She could be nice in some ways too! The outcome of the pictures are FANTASTIC and UNIQUE! It does give the dreamy and vintage effects that reminds everyone of the Classics.

Things I founded so far about Diana & Lomography can do is these.

Double-Exposure that there is image overlapping on the other one. [Click the shutter once. Without rolling the film into the next frame, click the shutter one more time and the pictures are overlapping on each other]

After finding out good things about Diana [Lomography]. It just worth the patience contributed.



The long-exposure that is simple to be done. The 3pictures above were taken inside the car while it is moving. [All we have to do is switching the camera into "B" which is the night mode. Click and hold the shutter as long as we want, let the light moves in and release the shutter]

But one thing that is scary about Diana too. She does not bite! Because she is one analogue camera and pictures are all captured in film. It is very dangerous that

We might capture the picture of the GHOST!!!

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Barbora said...

Hello! i have got a diana f+ and im in the process of getting to know her :P would u mind explaining me how you scan your pictures? what scanner u use etc? i have been trying to figure out how to scan the 120film, bt cant find the right solution...thank u for your time. get back to me on