Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Isn't He CUTE!!!

A post that is about HIM...

Not the big one, it's the small one! He is the nephew of my friend. This cute little monster over here brings joy to everyone around as everyone laugh out loud whenever he is around. His name is "HONG-HONG"!!!

He always introduce himself as "WANG LEE-HOM"! And he can sing "Wei Yi, 唯一" One of Lee-Hom's famous song.

One very active and energetic kid that likes to run and play around. He likes to ask questions which he asks a lot and asks until we also don't know how to answer him. He likes to be adults which he imitates what the adults do and say. He can sometime be naughty too! But looking at his innocent looks, don't know that we should be angry or should be happy! He is just one cute little boy that everyone loves. [How I wish to be YOUNG & CUTE again!!!] haha.

Imagine these...

"Hong-Hong, spell tongue..."




T-A-N-G, TANG!!!


Lovellia said...

haha kawaii.

Ah-Yong said...

hey hey!!! yeah, very very very cute!!! kids are cute when they r small but when they're growing bigger... susah kan di cakap dah!!! wahahahaha... memberi sakit kepala :P