Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Lovin' It Labuan

I had the chance to go Labuan again during last Chinese New Year. My first time visit Labuan was during the Hari Raya Adilfiltri celebration @ 2009.

I at first thought Labuan is just a small island with nothing much to see and do. I was wrong that Labuan maybe small compare to Brunei but it has what Brunei doesn't has.

First of all is its "NightLife" where people can go clubbing, drinking, dancing, relaxing themselves enjoying the live band performances and etc.

Other than that, it is actually quite a same like Brunei...

Brunei has Mohan's carpet, Labuan also has it.

Brunei has KFC, Labuan also has it BUT they have even more efficient KFC...

Which their KFC opens 24hours everyday!!!

And during my second visit to Labuan, I found out that Labuan also has this...

McDonald's which located @ the Airport of Labuan. I am so exciting of visiting it once I heard there is McD @ Labuan...

These just make me LOVE Labuan even more!!!

The nicest thing of all is that the McDonald's also opens 24hours daily!

It was 3.30 AM when I visited McD that time for takeaway alone together with the taxi driver and I thought I would be the only one visiting the place @ time like these.


And I was wrong AGAIN. Nights are always young in Labuan!

Prosperity Burger is the promotion menu for the Chinese New Year Festive.


Here comes my Double Prosperity Burger and let's have doubling prosperous Tiger's year.

Crinkle Fries that serve in the Prosperity Burger's Promotion.


Ayam Goreng McD


Chicken McNuggets

Other than opening 24hours daily, there are more extra menus than in Brunei.

They have different menus on different time period. From 4 a.m to 10 a.m in the morning, McDonald's has their own breakfast menus for the customer to order and within that time period, menus like Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, Fish O Fillet and etc are not available but only the Breakfast At McDonald's Menus.


The menus shown on the board and the staffs just have to spin over the board to change the menu served on the different time period.

McDonald's Labuan did a great job in managing its business that it keeps all its promises. Quality, Service and Cleanliness is promise to the customer, the board isn't hanging up on the wall just like that.

They really did it which the place is clean & tidy, not only that but also the interior is nice. They also have WiFi services for people to connect to the internet. This explain why there are still lots of people visiting McD at late night, it is like a cafe to them. Unlike Brunei which has lots of cafe, Labuan has DiscoTech Club, Lounge & Pub instead of cafe.

They also have friendly staffs that serves the customers with smiles.

Meet BEL!!!

McD, I'm Lovin' It!!!

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