Monday, March 22, 2010

Why Labuan?

I'd been to Labuan twice in half year time. Two time may sounds little but it is a lot to me because in this half year time I'd been to Labuan more than Miri.

BUT why more Labuan than Miri? Miri has more shopping center than Labuan, Miri is nearer than Labuan, Miri has Starbucks and Labuan doesn't. WHY?

Is it because of the nightlife in Labuan is more fun than Miri?

Is it because of the beers taste different than others? Nehh, but Labuan has the cheapest beer among all other Malaysia states which is because everywhere you'll see DUTY-FREE!!! Click on the "LINK" to view on the entry of Duty-Free in Labuan.

Or is it because of the girls?

Or is it because of the ship? Sitting on a ship is not something that happen on my everyday life!

Or is it the sea-foods that I can enjoy by the sea-side?

If anyone ask me what do I enjoy the most other than the foods @ Labuan. I would answer...

It would be the LIVE-BAND! Almost all the clubs @ Labuan come with Live-Band performances. Imagining that drinking the cool beers and enjoying the songs that we love. Life is about chilling! The live-band performances in Labuan are all ass-kicking.

Other than the DJs spinning the mixer to spice up everyone,

The bands also done great jobs that they also make everyone in da house put their hands on da air!!! Click at the "LINK" to view the entry of Live-Band Performances I first experienced @ Labuan.

Crossroad is the club that I visited during the second trip. The place is big that the ground floor is the disco area and where the Live-Band performs.

The lead-singer.

The lead-guitarist.

Owwhh!! That's me with the guitarist!!!

And the first floor is the place for Karaoke.

Other than the Live-Band that caught my attention in that place, here's what caught my attention too.

The toilet sign that I never seen before. It is just so COOL!

From the experiences I had, Labuan is one place that you'll want to go again and again. The people there are friendly, the foods and drinks are cheap, the McDonald's open 24hours everyday. Other than that,

It is one peaceful place that is not "Armed & Dangerous"!!!

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