Thursday, July 3, 2008

It just grows and grows and grows…

Life is like planting a plant either vegetables, flowers or fruits. It takes steps and efforts for it to grow into fine well vegetation. First of all, seeds that planted in the soil will grow into roots. After a couple of weeks again, it’ll grow its stem and then branches that will be fill with branches, leaves, flowers and in the end fruits. Just like the gathering in Berakas Forest Reserve, it’s the place that I had planted the seeds together with my relatives. I called the seeds, “seeds of joy”. During that day, everyone was hardworking digging the soils and planting the seeds that everyone had fun together, played together and ate together. At the end of the day, everyone got back home with smiles.

10days after the seeds planted, it’ll grow its first roots that my family and relatives are having another gathering in I-Lotus restaurant. This time, the theme is “steamboat”

Here are the stalls that serve the foods.
The dessert stall.
Every time after we ordered our “Ice Kacang” or “ABC”, we’ll just wait for the waitress/ waiters to serve us. But in I-Lotus, instead of order; you get to make your own d.i.y “Ice Kacang”.

Stall where the steamboat’s ingredients are served.

Cold storage and fresh ingredients are serving here. Let's see what we can do with all these ingredients.

You can either eat it in steamboat’s style. Or … …
Hot plate grill stall, where the chef fry the ingredients with sambals.
All the delicious and yummy foods are cooked and served to us. What’s next?

Here it is, eating time!

Say hello to my d.i.y “Ice Kacang”

Moment like these, I would not miss the chances of taking photos. Thanks to you guys for the digicam. Now I get to take many photos with peoples around me. Thanks!
Toinngg, that’s not me. Haha! I like this picture. It had the feel; don’t know how to describe it. Nahh, that’s me now!
Here I introduce you. Ah San, my cousin.


Hahaha! Here the “七仙女of Sia. Kurang dua lagi, don’t worry! When times come, I’ll show you the full attendance of them!
The last one will be the group photo.

Gathering in I-Lotus restaurant [13th June 2008] we all enjoyed it!

All these got us closer and closer to each other; together we build up these enjoying night! The seeds that planted in will just grow and grow. When will be the time that “seeds of joy” grow in “trees of joy”? It takes times, efforts and strength. Just like happy-stop; together they breathe and grow. I’ll be sharing all the moments I had in here. Each times I go gatherings and do blogging; I grow and learn the word “gratitude” that I have you all around me accompanying me been through all these.

Don’t know where to go these weekends? Don’t know where to spend your parents’ birthday? Want to have a great dinner with friends? Try I-Lotus restaurant, it worth every penny you spent there. Even though you have to pay more, but what you get in return is the times/moments that money couldn’t buy! Wish you all have a nice upcoming weekend.

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