Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday, Esther See!

A shining pot! Shiiinnggg. Even i can see Andy's T-shirt in it. Haha. Does the pot looks familiar to you all? When do we usually need it? Where can we find it? Err... It's everywhere in the shopping department stores. Haha -_-!!

Back to the shining pot again. Just by the look of it, it showed that I'm here is having another steamboat moments again. I made my stop at where these time? Brunei really have that much places to eat steamboat? Yeah, it does. But me myself personally enjoy much it in Berry-Wan HotPot. It's a nice place that the people there smile all the way from the beginning when reach the place till the moment we left the place. The ventilation is good that there is "Sakai" that wears 2outfits while eating steamboat. Not hot enough is it? =)

And who's the Sakai?
It's Ssskkkyyy. Haha! Really Sakai, even a glass also want to take photo with. =P

And one thing that's nice about Berry-Wan is that there have a room upstairs that we can have our steamboat buffet meal there. It's no more "eat all you can", it's "eat all you can and have all the fun you can". And here, we make use of it by having a small birthday's surprise for her!

Before giving her a surprise! We got to eat full full so that we got strength to carry out the birthday's surprise plan. Hehe! Alasan lah yong. Seem to be that you're hungry and want to eat all the foods before it finish by some other people. You little greedy boy~ [Hmm. Talking to myself]
Ohh Oww, Jes! Still remember about my 犹疑症? Seems that it's getting serious horr! Haha. =P

Let's see what we had that night. First we start with the foods and drinks oh!
Mushrooms that we called "Mo Gu" in mandarin.
Golden Needle Mushrooms which we called it "Tzin Tze Gu" Haha.

And here's something that I wouldn't miss out in Steamboat Buffet!
WanTan =)

And here's the drink that ordered by Yung Shin.
Coke-Float with Chocolates Ice-Cream.
And here's drink ordered by Boon Jing. Look nice huh. There not only serve fresh steamboat's ingredients and serve drinks like Teh-C, Kopi O, Milo. They do serve drinks like Cafes do.
Jing gave thumb-ups for his drink! Woah.

Nyam Nyam!!! When can the foods ready? Can't wait liao nerr... Me and Chee Hwa both 傻傻的等待! Gong Gong Tan =)

Smiling Andy. Kacheeek! Smile shutter...

And we have these.
The Shutter, Brunei. Are we the hungry-ghosts that night? Haha. Still remember the scenes in "The Eye 10" that using chopsticks to let the ghost eat. Am i doing the same thing? Haha

While eating, there are eye contacts around us signaling each other. So by turns, we all use the excuses of going down to refill the foods. At that same time, the one that went down got to sign and write messages in the birthday's card.

Right after when every one is done with signing in the card. We're ready and good to go. Time for birthday's song and cake.

[Who tuu the one that switched on the fan?] By the time when we're ready to serve the cake. By the moment we enter the room with the candle light on. Then the fan blew out the candle! Haha. It's okay. Plan still goes on. [风雨不改]

Weii... Talk for so long! It's whose birthday's surprise? Still haven't show up one. Chinese always said these [Ho Liao Tim Toi] 好料沉低

I'm saving the best for the last =)

Here it is. Everyone of us taking pictures with the Birthday's girl! Who could it be? Can you all guess?
Err! The answer is obvious lah horr! And it's already stated at the title of the post. Haha!
Haha! It's Esther See's Birthday.

Yo Esther!
Happy Birthday to you!


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