Monday, September 8, 2008

A Small Visit To A Friend’s Kampong

Every day in the end of the day when we going back from our long tiring day in working or studying. There is a place where we always want to go back earlier. This place is what everyone called it HOME. It’s a place that provides warmth and secure for us that it had shelter us from the hot weather during the dry season, the cold weather during the rainy seasons or winter, the big winds that blow upon us, the heavy rains that rain upon us and etc. Every day when we’re about to learn things from the upcoming challenges ahead us. There will be breakfast that prepared for us. A breakfast that gives us energy/ strength to complete all these challenges outside. At the end of the day, when we got back home. There still will have a dinner prepared for us as a compliment after the long hours of challenging outside. Haha!

There are times that we got tired. When it comes to these times, it’s HOME that we always think of. That’s where we can lie down on the lovely bed of us taking our rest or sleep. That’s where we can lie down on the lovely sofa watching TVs’ programs resting our minds and bodies which keeps us away from the tension outside us. Home also everyone’s beauty centre that we dress up nicely, style our hairs or put on make-ups before we go out. See how much HOME had brought us. It provides us the foods that breakfast, lunch and dinner always ready on the table. It provides us the rest we want to have after the long day at outside. It provides us the leisure that we watch TVs and Dvds, play games, play internet, hear music and etc. Most of all, it’s the “warmth” we can get from home because when there is “HOME”, there is also “FAMILY”.

(HOME) Many of us do find it’s just a place for us to sleep and all those. Haha! For me, home WAS just like hotel to me. Every morning, I woke up and ready for schools/ works. After it, go back have my dinner and bath… then going out till late night and go back sleep. Same routine happens every day. Just like tourist that get back to the hotel to have their rest after the shopping/ exploring outside. Haha. I believe that is a lot like these outside. We’re the tourists in our own country. Haha!

As times pass, lots of things happened. There were times when I do need a long rest. Home is the one that help me got through. In the end, home wasn’t like a hotel. It’s a place where we find peace and love among us. We sometimes can’t get ourselves a room in hotel due to the full booking. But Home. There is always a room for us no matter what or when. When we visit hotel, there are times that we receive bad services from the bellboys or receptionist due to their bad mood or what and we still have to pay them. But Home. There are always welcome hands that await us. When we live in hotel, we’ll be chase out by the management in hotels if we’re being bad customers. But Home. No matter how bad we are, how rude we are, no matter how we act. The management in our house will still accept us. =) See how nice being at home than hotel except for the room service. We have to clean our own room when we don’t have maids at home. Haha! Even we have to do the room services; it’s a nice thing also. We think it’s nice, it’s always nice. But we think it as a troublesome work; it’s always a troublesome work. Remember “Law of Attraction”. We’re the genie to ourselves. Our heart always obedient and hear what we think. Haha!

That’s our home that only contributing to us. And yet lots of us outside do always abandon its real meaning that we had neglect the times share with family, neglect those delicious foods that prepare by our parents, reject those warmth and caring from our family, getting far and away from the bond and etc. How much have we lost? How long have we waste? Don’t worry. It’s never too late to start now. It’s not early or late that matters. It’s we want to do it or not that matters. Lambat asalkan selamat, let’s make it into. Lambat asalkan kita ni ada buat! =)

Here’s when we joined our friend in visiting his family in Kg. Rumbai in Tutong. Let’s have a trip that shows us what HOME gives us!

Just like visiting the hotels, we always look at its designs, surroundings, decorations and all those. Same things here, exploring around Eng Lun's Kampong house. Hehe!

Here's what lots of us had miss. All we see and come over in our daily life are Nokia, Sony Ericsson, PSP, Nintendo DS Wii, Toyota, Mitsubishi, iPod, Dell and lots lots more. But how much of do actually come over in these? Let's not let all these traditional handicraft extinct. =)

That's the bags done by hands.

Hand-mades basket.

Bubu that use to catch fishes.

We now have Nike/ Adidas as bags. We buy plastic baskets that comes in variety size, we use fishing rods or nets to catch fishes nowadays. All things had create convenient to us compare to before. But let's not forget, without the past. We wouldn't have today! =)

After viewing through the surroundings of the hotels, we always would like to take pictures around with the interesting decorations or sculptures. Same steps taken by us.

Hey hey! what are we doing huhh? All concentrated in one area. Errr... >.<

There are tourists that like to pose around too. Just to catch an interesting moments they had in the trips. Same goes for us.


Haha! Muscle pose again.

Woah! Just like the front picture of an album cover! haha~ Brunei next top boy band!

That's us taking pictures around while waiting for the foods to be serve. Same things happened when the foods are ready to be serve. There'll be people taking the pictures of the Foods that want to show to their families or friends on what they'd try in the country they visit.

Here's what we all had on that night. And i'm like the tourist that take pictures of it and share with you all. =)

Introducing you all...

Pinang! Have you all ever try these before? We don't have "Ping-Lang" stall here where those ladies wear sexy sexy selling pinang like what Taiwan have. If not, it'll be hot selling in here too. Haizz, no comments! Guys.. haha!

Theme of the night "Deep Fried" that we had

Fried HotDogs

Deep Fried Chicken Balls

Deep Fried Ekan! haha

Deep Fried Chicken Drumsticks

Deep Fried Sotong! Nyehh~ haha!

Time to serve the foods. Whose the waiter?

Hehe! It's Ho Wee. And we had our meal on the floor~ Really experiencing the lifestyle there.

We still have vegetable serve on that night, didnt get to take its picture. Was holding plate and spoon on that time instead of Digi-Cam! haha. Can't stand the delicious-ness of the FOODS.

Let's start our feast! Itadakimas...

Right after our meal, we start our exploring again. And we found these, the first time I encounter these. Always see it in TV and now I'll get to see it right in front of me and did took pictures of it!

The Cooking Stove. Foods cooked by these are always delicious. It takes longer time. But good things always come from great patience. Things that hardly come usually the things that we appreciate more.

A closer view of it. It comes with 2 in 1. We can either cook or BBQ. haha! Me with my BBQ's fever again. =P

Then we make our move to upstairs and we discover these. What we usually see in our schools.

The traditional Malay music instruments.

Here we are taking pictures with the "GONG"! Are we the tourists or we're "Sakai" actually? Haha!

Haha! SAKAI!!! =) During my secondary levels, when there are people called into my house finding SKY. My mum would like shouting "SAKAI" telephone. haha!

That's us taking pictures with Eng Lun's mom. She's the one that prepared us a nice delicious meals! Thank you...

Tourists just like to take lots and lots of pictures for memorable moments. Here we are tourist from Bandar visiting Tutong. =)

Haha! From album cover's picture to lots of pictures that can be make in Posters. Pfft~ One of the conclusion in these post: We're just a bunch of guys that like to take pictures! haha!

Who knows we're going to have our own Music Video in the future time being. Haha!

let's say the magic words! "Okay, that's a wrap!"

Hey hey~ it's not a wrap after these! Here we are taking pictures with Eng Lun's family.

That's Eng Lun with his family. And here is...

Us with Eng Lun's Family. Thank You aunties & uncles, ah-gong & ah-ma!

Ohh yeah. "That's a wrap!" haha. That's the trip we had on 29th July 2008. We all had a nice and fun night.

It's always the "Home Sweet Home" that been mentioned around but not the "Hotel Sweet Hotel" It's does make sense that why home is always the sweetest place to stop by. Just like what we had during the trips, we get to eat those delicious foods cooked by Lun's mother and the fun of taking pictures at there. Eventhough in the house without Playstation, Nintendo, Warcraft Dota. There also can be having that much fun inside it. It's all depends on how we see all these. So what are you all? A house that just like a hotel for just to hop in and sleep? or a house what you call it "Home Sweet Home"? =)

All the best to you all in building your own "Home Sweet Home" 加油!!!

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