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Our Long Happy Journeys

When we're small, we do always overcome a word called "Story". When it comes to this word, it’s always either stories that we read from story books or the stories that told to us when we’re small. Back at those times, fairy tales were usually the stories that were used to told to or read by us when we’re in our elementary or nursery levels. We did have Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White and The 7 Dwarves, Little Mermaid, Jack and The Beanstalks, Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, The Ugly Duckling and etc. As for the Chinese stories, we had 狼来了 (Here come the Fox), 贪吃的小狗 (A Greedy Dog) and etc. Each stories told to or read by us do have its own moral. Just like狼来了’s story teaching us not to lie to people and贪吃的小狗’s story told us not to be greedy.

As we grow bigger, the concept of stories read by us also start to change. From reading Aladdin, we had started to read “Bookworms Short Stories”. Then stories that came with pictures which are comics like Doraemon, Master Q, Dragonball Z, Crayon Shin Chan, Slam Dunk and etc. Each of them do tell us their own stories, like Master Q giving us funny stories and Slam Dunk telling us stories about high school basketball. As we grew bigger, instead of reading short stories we started to move into higher level that we read thick book story book which the whole book is full of small character words.

The more we grew, the more we read. There are people read Harry-Potter’s stories which are famous with its thickness. Haha! There are also people that read dictionary too. For me, the more I grew bigger the lazier I’m in reading books. Just these recently after understanding about things, I’d found out the importance of reading and bought myself couples of books and completed reading it. Hoorayy Yong! Haha~ without reading, we’ll be like a computer that never updates its program which it’ll get outdated sooner or later. Same things goes to us, we ourselves don’t want to upgrade ourselves. Sooner or later we can’t catch up with other people that had already learnt or read a lot.

Apart from reading story books, we ourselves do create our own stories. Stories do always happen around us. Living moments are just like stories to us. We started to create our own when we first came to this world. At that time, we already made our own living moments which we cried all day or night long when we’re babies, or the moments that we learn to crawl, walk, run and jump and the moment we first called out our daddy and mommy. Story can be a sweet story, a sad story, a funny, an exciting, a dull, a scary, a happy one and etc. And story books always come with TITLE. We can have title like “my childhood time” that talked about the games that we played before, the moments that we had together in our school. Then, there are also times that we fall in love that we can call it our “Love Stories”. Having nice time studying or working in a place, we can name it “My times in … …”

Previously we do have stories shared in Happy-Stop that talked about “the steps taken by me in why I start blogging” then stories about my own 21st birthday, other people’s 21st birthday, gatherings or reunion with families and friends. Now I want to share Story that tells by not only me but by my friends too. Story that contributed by everyone that joined into one long journey we had together and I called it “Our Long Happy Journeys”. Each story telling do always had its beginning. And my story here begins when you guys started to got back from UK. Then we had our first outing that brought us had the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on so on.

Let’s click back on what we had in these journey. Let's start with the beginning...

We had our first outing in Misato which was on the 29th June 2008. Plan to give Jestina a surprise about Wee had got back to Brunei but she found out earlier because she saw Ho Wee pictures in Facebook with Boon Jing on their way coming back to Brunei. Haha!

On the 1st of July, we had our second outing that we had a dinner in Capers with Wan Theng before she left Brunei for further studies.

Then mostly of you all got back Brunei, then we went out together in a group and had our "One Night Local Foods" since you all having those Western Cuisine Foods out there for nearly a year.

That's us on the 6th July 2008 at I-Sweet, Giant Mall after our One Night Local Foods in Aminah Arif.

Coming soon to Ho Wee's 21st Birthday. And we here start celebrate his birthday a week before the actual date and we all did had a great one. Kiasu Huhh!!! haha~

Here we are having the opening ceremony of your 21st Birthday on the 14th July 2008. The night before his majesty's birthday. =)

Right after the long tired happy night we had, some of us only get to have few hours of rest and some didn't get their rest because there were another BIG reunion happen on the 15th July 2008. Are we all rushing to the BSB attending his majesty's birthday? Errr... No~

Here we were, having our CHMS Pr.6 Year 1999's Reunion at Berakas Forest Reserve.

Then continue in celebrating Wee's 21st Birthday again in Seri Kemenyan on the 19th July 2008.

Hey Gang! Still remembered what happened on that night? Remember how you got your 21st written on your TUMMY! haha. And you made me, Boon Jing and Josh Hwa sang in front of everybody. And remember the Proton Waja? Wakaka. You Rock man! Yeahhh...

After the long night on the 19th. On the 20th we had a small Steamboat Fiesta that we had it in Wee's house that we ate and together open up his gift received the night before. Remember you had an OLD man's underwear? haha!

That's the Steamboat Fiesta on 20th July 2008 that we do countdown for your actual date which is on 21st July. Happy Birthday Wee!

Everything back to normal after Wee's birthday. After a week of continuosly eating. We all had a week of rest before we go for our next stop.

That's us on the 27th July 2008, having DimSum Buffet with the gang same as the "One Night Local Foods".

Then having SteamBoat Buffet on the 28th July 2008.

A day after, we expand our journey to Kg. Rumbai in Tutong that we drove our way up to there at night.

Remember the album cover to poster's pose we had. We're just a group of guys that like to take lots and lots of pictures. Hehe!

That's on 29th July 2008 with Eng Lun's Family. Thank You aunties and uncles for being a great host for us and thanks for the delicious foods too. =)

Having DimSum in the morning, what's like having DimSum before we go to sleep. Haha! Fattening fattening fattening =P

Guy's Night. Not visiting bar, lounge, pub, club but to Dynasty having DimSum Buffet. It was on the 2nd August 2008.

Pheeewww~ too much outing and makan-makan that some of us do have the 3minutes hot of going to GYM to keep fit. But in the end on 22nd August 2008, we had a small dinner in Wee's house at Chempaka.

That's you playing the smile shutter of my Digi-Cam! You telling your mum that you had One Night Local Foods with us. Telling your mum that how nice it was, then your mum introduce there is a place better than what we had. And you brought us to Chempaka that your mum prepared every things for us. Haha! Belacan and the Ambuyat! Wooo... Nyaman Jua... Bulehhh~ haha! Remember that night how your Ah-Ma teach you lessons? haha. Relax Gang!!!

On the 28th August 2008, we went to I-Lotus.

We had a day rest for our tummies, on the 30th August which was Saturday that we had a small steamboat fiesta again. But these time, it's in Andy's house. That counted as warming for us before we set our journey to Seria and Kuala Belait.

In Andy's house having steamboat. Introducing you all Tzin Tze beside Yung Shin with the blue T-shirt.

After the warming up of the engine, here we are ready for our trip to Seria & Kuala Belait.

三角COOL~ COOL~~~ 三角COOL!!! Wooootzz Woootttzzz! Gang, ready your gun and cannon? haha! That's Seria & KB trip on the 31st August 2008!

On the 9th September 2008, here we are giving Esther See a small advance birthday surprise in Berry Wan HotPot. Jes, still remember the Hey!!! Liang Ni Liang Ni Wo Ai Ni Leiiii.... wakaka! the boss of Berry-Wan was there adjusting the sound stereo. Oppss.. >.<

A day after it, here it come to Jestina's Advance 21st Birthday Party that celebrated on 11th Sept 2008 at Seri Kemenyan Restaurant. Don't want to lose to Ho Wee that celebrated his 21st there too. Wee had its special that we start celebrate his a week before. For Jes, we had it special too. Hehe! Each had their own concepts. Wee receive an OLD man's underwear. Does Jes received an OLD woman's BRA? Hmmph~ want to know about it? Catch it on the 5th October 2008 in that will have closer view into Jes's 21st Birthday. Don't miss it! wahaha! like chasing drama =)

Woo! What's with the picture taken with a car that decorated with ribbons? Did we bought a car for Jes? Hmm. It could be. Remember to catch it on the 5th Oct 2008! haha. Doing promotion ah me~

That's us during Jestina's advance 21st birthday party!

Time does really flies and it won't wait for people. Finally it's about time you guys going to finish your summer holiday and it's also the time that you all ready to go back for your studies. From June to Sept, about three months time. We did made quite a number of stops from Gadong to Mata-Mata, then to Jerudong, Tutong and Belait District.

Just the day before you got back to UK. We had one small dinner at Wee's house in Chempaka that his mum again cooked a delicious yummy Nasi Lemak for us. If i vote for the number placing, i'll put it in the Top 3! teeeheeehee... not PMP ahh me. PMP = Pai Ma Pi. Nyeh!!!

That's on the 13th Sept 2008! The night before Wee went back to UK!

Foo!!! It's just like a month only that everyone got back from UK having their holiday. And we here sending Wee back at airport on the 14th Sept 2008! Stories do always had their ending, guess we here do have an end of the chapter with Ho Wee. From the pictures above, it's a happy ending! But is it the real ending? Back to the 80s 90s i believe it's the end. But ages like now, we even have movies that consist of part 1,2,3 or dramas that had season 1,2,3 and story books that also had book 1,2,3 and so on. Same to my story as well as my journey here. It also will have chapter 1,2,3 and so on so on...

One day after Wee got back to UK. Here we are having another gathering which is BBQ. These time we had it at Yung Shin's house on the 16th Sept 2008.

Hmmph! Woah Seiii~ We all do looks happy huhh! Are we all celebrating Ho Wee going back to UK? Must be tuu! wakaka! Hey gang, Chill ahh... Jokin ja! We're on the farewell party in Shin's house. Hehe! A farewell party that mean Yung Shin will be going back soon to UK!

It's time that everyone had started to go back UK to settle down and ready for their second year. The chapter of our story will just make a stop here. And we all knew that we all did had all the FUN and LAUGHTER together. Upcoming one year that we all had our own target to be reach that there are peoples who going to sit exams, doing assignments or reports, studying in university either in UK, Australia, UBD, ITB, MD or anywhere and those who are working. Let's us together strive towards our dreams and goals!

All these sweet memories we carried do bring us strength that make us carry on and ready for the 2nd chapter of our stories. But before we start our 2nd chapter, we have to 加油!!!

I myself do believe as long as we got put efforts and try hard. There is always return for us! Just like planting a watermelon's seed into the soil. Every day we water the seeds, take care of the seeds from pests. One day when it grows, it'll grow into a big juicy watermelon. It won't grow into papaya/ mango/ durian or anything other than WATERMELON. Same thing goes to our real life, as long as we did try. There is always an outcome!

"有付出必有回报" 我们来一起努力吧!!!

We all here will be here waiting for you all to continue the journey of the 2nd chapter! Here's the first chapter of our story? What about you guys? What are your stories! Let's share together what we have and what we are in building the stories of our own journey... =)

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