Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For You, BB & How Cool Photoshop Is!

One of the moment that Happy-Stop missed update is the outing that I had with my cousins.

Top [Left to Right] Wen Biau, Shih Shih, NaNa
Bottom [Left to Right ] Kojack, Kok Wei, ME!!! :)

Went to Tamu Selera & had ...

Mango Fish

SEAFOODS!!! Woo.. siok~ The first time I ate lots of clam at a time & started to like it.

The day before, also went out with cousins for dinner too.

Went to KTM restaurant.

Had mango fish the night before the Tamu Selera's outing too.

TomYam Soup

Pandan Chicken

All the photos above was taken by my cousin.

Shih Shih a.k.a BB! Some one that enjoys & appreciates every moments that came into her. Photo taking is one of her hobbies. Camera is always by her side which she's always ready to capture all the moments that she experiences and blogs about it. Bet that there's a lot of photos inside your folders which bring you smiles by the time you views it.

And she takes great photos! Words just can't describe how good is it because the pictures/ photos that she took does really can speaks! :) hahaha. Here's below are some of it that I curi-curi from her blog.

The K.K trip which she got herself a new DSLR camera... :)

The Loi Krathong festival that also can be celebrates in Brunei.

The time when Brunei suffered from heavy downpours that flood happened everywhere. That included the Kampong of our parents in Tutong district.

The time when she brought her friends from Kuala Lumpur visiting the Empire Hotel.

Wishing everyone a healthy & prosperous year! Chinese New Year 2009!

Other than taking nice photos, there is one thing which I adore about her is her great artwork designs. One skill that I want to learn from her. Teehehehe. She works in the designing industry that adobe photoshop is one of the tools she used to create those beautiful design.

During the outing in KTM, she did showed me something that I barely think before. When there aren't anyone out there helping us to take a group photo. What will we usually do?

My answer: [find a place where I can place my camera & use the timer mode to take the picture] Hmmph... It's one of a way... What happen when we're in the open area? What should we do?

And here, Shih Shih taught me that we can do it this way!!!

Now you see her!!!

Now you don't!!! What's with the empty space in the between of Wen Biau & Nana! Look where Nana's pointing & seems like I'm trying to make Peace sign on somebody head. But there aren't one in front me!!!


Now you see her again!!! WooOO~ Really steady huhh!!!

These shows that Photoshop is really COOL!!! AND dangerous too. Careful that people may uses it to play a prank on us. :)

You don't like me when I'm broke!!! C'mon~ Give me some CASH or I'll cut you into half!!! Arrggghhh~ =P

And now there is one unforgettable & important moment that going to walk into her life. One moment that every one dreams of!

Let's congrats her in advance...

She & Wen Biau are going to tie the knot soon!!!
For all the years, you both gone through the high & low. And today, you both had made commitment to each other. The path ahead maybe sloppy but nothing seems to be problem when both parties willing to walk over it. [How can we make a clap sound with one hand clapping] Even walking over sloppy destinations, we all know that you both going to walk it with SMILE along and going to end your stories with ever happily after!

Here's to the good news! Congratulations!!!

It's one good news for them that they made a further step in their relationship. For their families, each will grows bigger as the both side's families combine together. And for us that is haven't marry...

One more packet of Ang Pao is on the way!!! Katttchhiiingggg... $_$!!! Hahaha!!! Money-Faced Yong.

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