Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mission ImGOLFible

One day in the late evening, while everyone is packing and ready to got back home from working throughout the day! Ready to go home and eat the "masakan cap jari ibu" and have a good rest. Then suddenly... Ringgg~ Ringgg!!!

Here comes the Justice Call from George! He's giving an emergency operation which we had to go all the way down to Seria to look for TARGET! He's briefing that we have to gather together by 6:30pm which the operation will immediately launch once everyone is arrive. And Captain George named the operation as "Mission ImGOLFible"

Here's the soldiers that joined the operation "ImGOLFible".
Introducing from left to right. Private Shirley with her guardian angel, Captain George. Then accompany with Sergeant Chen Chen and Alan.

Of course ME, [CYCLOPS YONG] the one holding the camera & give visual to HAPPY-STOP!

Made our first stop at 7:30pm in Soon Lee Megamart, Sg. Liang to freshen up ourself because there'll be rough & impossible mission ahead us in Seria! Freshen up as in finding toilet to "wee wee". Long journey yoo! Biasalah. Hehehe.

Here's the target location where the mission imGOLFible launchs. "YICK FATT" in Seria shopping complex.

Captain George: "Team, Are we all READY?"


And what's the so called "target" that they have to search & retrieve it... And what does "YICK FATT" hiding inside?

Could it be a bomb that we need to retrieve & detonate it in order to save the day from terrorist?

Yeah!!! Indeed bomb... SEX BOMB! hahaha.

Then Cyclops Yong got confused by the Sex Bomb's poisonous gas & turned into...

The "Chi-Koh Peh"!!! Wooo.... Weee~ Yeeehaawww... It's everywhere. Hahaha!
And Sergeant Chen Chen got ...

Sergeant Chen Chen: " =.=!! , hey yong!!! wake up already!!! Wake up!!!"

The SexBomb is actually next door to "YICK FATT" & yick fatt supplies nothing other than GOLF!!!

Golf Ball

Golf Accessories

Golf Sets

Anything that consists/ involves GOLF, you name it and Yick Fatt got it here... Mostly everything except ...


Operation "Search & Rob" begins... Everyone searching for the right set that suits Captain George. But in the end, nothing seem to catch George's eye. "Mission ImGOLFible" was a fail attempt that Captain George switched the operation into Operation ImGOLFible Over Hill & Sea! An operation that need to travel across the hills & sea, which is to our neighboring country.

Miri, Sarawak! That's weeks after the first mission. For these time, there were proper strategic planning for the mission. Before we actually go for it, me & captain George did went to the place for market survey.

These time, it's not the shop where BRAs are sell just the next door of it. The place is located in Bintang Plaza Megamall, a shop named Parkson.

Inside Parkson, there is one golf section which is under MST golf. Also sells mostly everything about Golf. Mostly like...

Golf Caps

Golf accessories & sets...
Mostly on everything except on BUGGY too. Hahaha! =D

For these time, it's one successful mission that Captain George got what he needs.

George: "Hey boss, got any further less or not? or any free gift for me?"

Boss: "Aiyah... sorry that couldn't give you any further less already, gave a special price for you already! But I can give you free gift, which is the golf pouch."

George: "Hmmph... Not enough leii, can I have more of the free merchandise?"

Hmmph... The boss had a hardtime thinking about it. Finally came out with a conclusion...

Boss: "Okay lahh.. give you what we never give before & what's more valuable than the other merchandise!"

Here's a FREE CADDIE for you... helping carry your Golf Set around here & there.. Another word, "KULI" hahaha!

That's the story of George got his new golf set! Now train yourself up & grab every opportunities [Kang Tao] at there. Hehehe!

Happy playing Golf there... To George & Shirley, friends of mine that enjoy golf a lot!

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