Friday, July 24, 2009

Thing May Not Looks Like It Is

According to my "own personal experiences" and other people's experiences, guys do less houseworks that girls at home. There were times which my mum thinks/says that it'll be better if I am her daughter instead of son.It's because that if I am girl. I may help in tidying the house, washing the plates after the meals or learn how to prepare/cook a meal.

So am I a person that will be good son & hear what my mum said?

That I go modify my "engine" and changed my nickname "sky" into "BETTY"?

But this is one thing that my mum strongly disagrees.

Even if my mum agree, I also not willing to modify the so called "engine" of mine.

Up till now, I seldom do housework at home. Only sometimes out of the blue, there are times I do help "a bit" too. But most of the time, I only in charge in managing my room & my stuffs. Other than that, it's out of the boundaries. Hahaha! The only time I cook is the times when mum's not around and I wasn't at home for most of the times.

I think most of the guys are the same just like me who go out often, got back home late when there is holiday the next day, need parents to worry about us, wondering what we're doing outside and etc. And we hardly hear when they say. When they say/ scold [tegur] us, we sometime purposely let them worry more and get more stubborn.

That's because...

We guys like to act "TOUGH"!!!

I believe a lot are TOUGH and I also believe we're not what we always are. We may be tough at home, not doing housework, being stubborn but we may not like these at outside. Things are like that. Today we may find the thing is wrong but tomorrow we may find the same thing like yesterday is right.

So "things may not always looks like it is". We always are the child to our parents but when you don't let us out to experience and learn. How are we going to grow?

Here we go. GUY'S NIGHT in George's house eating & chilling around that everything are done by us, BATANGs.

The main chef of the night... Chen Chen! The one that prepared all the ingredients for the main courses which are

Sweet & Sour Chicken Chop

Salad Prawns that also prepared by Chen Chen too...

What about the rest?

Just act like Foreman and inspecting how Chen Chen do all the works? And also make sure that he gets the jobs done?

Or sits around and wait dinner to be ready?

We all did contribute also. Some getting the table ready for the dishes, some helping in preparing and all of us did take turn to cook the dishes. Wee helped in cooking the sauce for the chickens.

George helped to fry the chicken breasts

While Chen Chen is mixing the boneless chicken breasts with flour.

That's Ricky...
Yong: "Hey!!! Are you the FOREMAN???"

He did his part too.

In helping to fry the prawns.

What about me??? What did I done?

Yong, hands up & surrender~
Yong: "I'm not the Foreman... I did my part too"

I was cutting "Chai Poh"... Cutting

From these...

Into these...

Order than cutting the thick chai poh into tiny small pieces, I'm preparing a menu from chai poh.

It's one simple dish that can be fry with


If we want to add more ingredients like hot dog, crab sticks, fish balls and etc.

We might as well add it...

We cooked for ourselves, tidied the place, cleaned the table & washed the plates after the meal that night.

It's all what we seldom do at home. So can we manage to do it well outside?

Sweet & Sour Boneless Chicken Breasts

Salad Prawns & where is the salad?

There we go...

Fried Chai Poh with Eggs & Sausages

It's time to let us to spread our wings wide & fly all over to see how big the world outside are...

Errr... Guys cannot be trusted too... That's why our parents always worry about us. When the wings got hardened, we barely fly home... =P

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