Sunday, July 5, 2009

Precaution Is Better Than Curing

H1N1 had attacked Brunei recently which School holiday's extended to one more week. Weee~ Satu minggu holiday lagi, dapat nii main-main, lepak-lepak, jalan-jalan, paktoh-paktoh. Hehehe. But time flies, school is re-opening tomorrow! Goodbye holiday, Hello Sir & Miss!!! =D

The h1n1's case in Brunei had increase to 142 numbers that I myself believe that it going to rise more! To the students that are studying together under one classroom, one school. Are you ready or prepare for the out break of h1n1? To everyone in Brunei? Are you scare of H1N1?

Please be prepared before it attack us. And they said "precaution is way far more better than healing or stopping it!" It's because if we done a great job in preventing the virus attacking us, there wouldn't victim suffering from it and the chances of infecting other people will be less too. If there isn't any precautions taken, there will be lots of people that will be infected. And when these happen, there will be a lot of things need to be done.

For now, there are only a few things that we need to get it done!

We can take care of hygience that living in the clean environment keeps us away from the VIRUS. And we can wear mask to reduce the possibility of inhaling those VIRUS into us!!!

But then they are people who is stubborn or in chinese [Beh KiaSee] = "tak takut mati"

APA??? WHAT??? Wear mask???

"Mana ROCK tuu!!! Inda COOL tuu ihh!!!" : The tough guy!!!

"I rather wear my "MUSSEL-BAN" when I go out, It's more COOL!" : The cinta-lawa guy! [ai sui people]

And some will even say [What??? We guys don't wear mask!!! Only P**SY does!!!] Hahaha. I personally like these one... One of the favorite quote said in the movie...

Don't be that stubborn till we all see these!!!

Heihachi from TEKKEN

Jin from TEKKEN

The strongest, toughest & meanest men in TEKKEN also wear masks. Why wouldn't you? HAHAHA!

No one is perfect. No matter how tough you are, there will still be a weakpoint too! Put those COOLness & ROCKness aside. Try to be good for one time! With a good health, there are still chances. Without it, we can't do anything & can't be cool even we have the coolest fashion of all. It's because we'll lying down waiting for cure!!!


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