Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheap Hotels or 5 Star Hotels in Miri???

Few weeks back, I had my chance to overnight at Miri. Thanks to George again for the trip. Hehehe. It's because the next day early morning, he had to sent Shirley to catch a flight to K.L. So it's wise that to overnight at there which the next day we don't have to rush & aeroplane don't waits for people! =D

And I was asked to join him. A companion accompany while driving the long way back to Brunei so that it wouldn't be that tiring.

In other word, it can be "陪坐" in Chinese. Someones that sit down accompany you either you're gambling, drinking or eating. And their fee aren't low ahh! Because they aren't simple companion that just sit around with you. Hehehe!

Well, that's goes for me too! Fees aren't CHEAP too! Buffed, Young, Strong. Even can "Cosplay"!!! Arrrggghhh.... Incredible Hulk~ Hahahaha.

Okay, let's get back to the trip! Reached there in late evening.

Got my chance to meet Uncle Majid in his shop again & also got 2 t-shirts with very special price!!! Get to chit-chat with him & he asked...

Uncle Majid: "You're staying here overnight or going back Brunei soon?"

And I answered him why we're here and overnight here... Then he asked again...

Uncle Majid: "Very good! Very Good! You guys staying in what hotel?"

PARK HOTEL!!! That's where we stayed for the night!!! One night RM 80+ for double queen size bedroom.

Uncle Majid: "Very clever!!! For me, peoples that want to overnight here then stay in normal hotels are clever people!"

He stated that peoples that check in into cheap or normal hotels when they come to Miri to have fun are wise peoples. His reason is...

[We don't come the whole way down here & sleep. So why need the luxurious & expensive hotel!]

It's true because first of all, we can save more $$$ to shop more! :) And then we also spend less of the time in the hotel. If we checked in into luxurious hotels, we'll just leave it empty there & our bags/ luggages only. Just like what we did that time. We all spent only few hours in the hotel sleeping because ...

In the late night, when all the shopping malls are all closed. There are few activities that we can do. Such as...


Went to Infinity that night. A friend of George brought us there and it's one of the high class club in Miri that the renovation of the club inside costed around RM 1.5million. High price to bring such a great leisure for people that the price of the Beer also comes with HIGH price too. Just like drinking Kopi in Kopitiam & Cafe! Kopitiam costs us 60-80cents per cups but cafe costs us around $2-$3! Drinking in kopitiam, many uncles!!! Drinking in cafe, many babes!!! So do the maths~ How much FUN can "Infinity" brings us!

There were lots of pubs & clubs in Miri. George brought me for window-shopping the clubs & pubs. Sat inside his car and round round. Each of the pubs & clubs are full of people. Went back to hotel and sleep by 4+ a.m and had our supper at Pasar Malam before that.

Slept for few hours only and checked out by 9 a.m. That's why Uncle Majid said it's wise not to stay in luxurious or expensive hotel when we came down here to have fun. Because night time, we went back hotel late and check out very early in the morning. It's because we don't want to pay that much just to SLEEP while we can have all the bed & comfort at home. Then, we also don't want our day get wasted.

That we all start our morning with having nice breakfast before going shopping.

One of the popular restaurants in Miri that is famous for its ...

BA-KUT-TEH!!! In here, they offered more types & tastes of Ba-Kut-Teh.

Char Kueh, the side order while ordering Ba-Kut-Teh.
Other than serving Ba-Kut-Teh, there also serves "Claypot" menus.

Claypot Black Pepper Lamb

After the meal, its time to shop. [The earlier we set out, the more places that we can go. The more places that we go, the more shops we get to shop]

It's hard to find parking in Miri. Sometimes we have to spend half an hour inside the basement parking rounding to wait for parking space. In conclusion, George said that the business of parking in Miri is earning because we already spent our half an hour inside the basement before we actually go in the mall to shop!

It's because everyone loves shopping there. Who don't ???

And the early bird always get the foods!

After hours of shopping, its nearly time to evening.

Time to grab something chilled to quench our thirst & relax/ rest ourselves so that we can travel/ walk into more further distances.

Some will need other drinks to freshen up themselves. Freshening drinks unlike red bull, livita or 100%. For me in Miri, it's always her!!!


Dark Berry Frapuccino & Iced Caramel Machiata

Uncle Majid: "So many to do, spend & go in Miri. Why spend many in Hotels!"

Hehehe. :)

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