Wednesday, March 11, 2009


"McDonald's" One of the famous fast foods' restaurants that also wins the heart of the locals. Other than hanging out in the cafe, coffee houses or restaurants. One of the famous place that a lot of the young ones that like to visit and spend their time in is McDonald's. Other than those marvelous burgers, the location of McDonald's Restaurant in Brunei is nice that it's situated at the center of Gadong. Which with a cup of carbonated drink, a pack of fries & burger and maybe desserts like ice-creams or milkshakes, we can sit and enjoy our sweet time inside eating and also a lot to be seen from inside.

People that likes car can see a lot and different types of cars passing by the restaurant. Other than cars, there are lots and different patterns of people we can see too. From small to big, short to tall, fair to tan, thin to fat and etc.

As for KFC, it's well known for its "fried-chickens". And as for McDonald's, BURGERS will be its trademark and its signboard's menu! [招牌菜] =D

And why Burger??? Because It doesn't kill as much as him?

The face of the person had been blurred out to protect his interest!!! Hahaha!
HWA, don't worry there! no one will recognize you! HAHAHA! -__-"

KFC is famous for its fried-chicken because its founder, Harland Sanders created & cooked delicious fried-chickens with his blends of 11herbs and spices' secret recipe.

As for McDonald's, it's founded by Dick & Mac McDonald. It began in 1937 that "The Airdrome", Arcadia in California was the first restaurant opened by the two brothers selling hotdogs, orange juice, coffee and tea. Then later in 1940, they moved their restaurant to San Bernadino, California and renamed it as "McDonald's Barbecue Restaurant" that their menu had expand which includes Barbecue Ribs and Beefs and Pork Sandwiches. The restaurant later became the #1 teen hangout in San Bernadino Area.

Dick McDonald studied his menus...

The Apple Pie

French Fries

Twister Fries

Chicken McNuggets

And he discovered that 80% of the restaurant's sales generated by hamburgers that they realized the future also relied on speed of service and mass production. In the October 1948, McDonald's Barbecue had closed to change concepts emphasizing speed, lower price & volumes. Later in December 1948, McDonald's Restaurant re-opened with its new feature "Speedbee Service System" selling 15c hamburgers & 10c fries.

In 1954, an unknown exclusive distributor of five spindled milk shaker maker [Multimixer] named Raymond Albert Kroc [Ray Kroc] heard that McDonald's Hamburger stand in California runs eight multimixers at a time.

Out of curiousity, he packed up his car and headed to San Bernadino. When he reached there, he really got amazed and really "open big eyes see world" [大开眼界] that he had never seen so many people served so quickly. Idea of opening several restaurants to the Dick & Mac McDonald strucked into his mind. That's how and when McDonald's Restaurant got franchise.

Thanks to him, we now have McDonald's everywhere and brought into our region, South East Asia that we have McDonald's in Brunei. When we're in Malaysia, we can eat McDonald's too!!! =D

After having short lesson of McDonald's history.


Hold the temptations and let's see what McDonald's made of all these time in the era of Fast Foods.

The BIG MAC BURGER that first introduced in 1968! It's meant for something BIG!!! =D

It not only meant for something BIG! It also bring PROSPERITY to you too!

The Beef PROSPERITY Burger!

All the pictures above were taken from my dine-in experiences I had in 2009!

First had it on the 15th February 2009 with Andy & Jestina in McDonald's Brunei Darussalam!
and the second time was on the ...

1st of March 2009 with George & Shirley in McDonald's Miri, Sarawak! Wootz, Ah-Yong been to Miri again. The last time he went there was on the 24th January 2009! Just only 1month apart, Hmmph! 在那边有收女生啊?!?! 哈哈哈! Just kidding. Will uncover the trip I had with George & Shirley. Be sure to catch it live on Happy-Stop. These program is brought to you by: Ah-Yong!!! -__-" haha!

After two times of eating Burger at McDonald's. What's the conclusion/ comments about it???

McDonald's [I'm Lovin' It] Hahaha! =P

Awww~ How could I left you out...

Warung Lovely Roti John at Tamu Selera, Bandar Seri Begawan!

I'm Loving your Barger Talur also!!! Hahaha. And also Mini-Burger in Pasar Malam Gadong!


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