Monday, March 16, 2009

Miri Trip With George & Shirley [Part1]

"Woooaaahhh" Yawning again & again and I just woke up from a nap. What a tiring day! Didn't catch enough sleep since last weekend that I spent my night "Barbecue-ing" in Mr.George Lim's CRIB!!! We all stayed up till 4am. Then the next night, I went to elsewhere helping in the celebration of "观音娘娘宝诞" [Kuan Yin Goddess' Birthday] Didn't catch enough sleep also on Sunday night then Monday. The beginning of the week, have to work through 6days then one day holiday! Ooh my~

"人就是那样的懒" Lazy has been a deadliest virus that strucks on human! Lazy is not the key in achieving or completing tasks! How to get rid of it? It's a disease that no doctor can cure! Only that... only that... only that I have some

Iced-Blended Mocha/ Coffee's Drinks. These will boost me up! Full of "POWER"& "ENERGY" when got close contacts with Ice-Blended's Drink, especially from Starbucks or Coffee-Bean! I'm slowly start to get the "KICK" just by seeing the pictures. Anyone kind out there? Haha!

[And I got framed and askes to pay nearly dozen cups of Ice-Blended Drinks] For the mean time, I'll blog something about Ice-Blended. Paying the interests first ah!!! Ohh, got robbed at daylight! Being big size doesn't mean everything! Haha! 我几可怜一下~ =P

***Here I'm, paying n trying to clear my debts! Who knows some one "大法持悲" that will ends all these debts and buying me a cup of ice-blended in return!!! Haha! =D***

Let's the Ice-Blended coffee story begins!!!
It's all began from a trip that I'd with my cousin, Han Jin & his fiance, Alice.

And I met you for the first time on the 24th January 2009!

It was at the Miri Airport and you're just the size just like one food-court's stall! Even though you're Small but you're meant for something BIG! just like the Cili-Padi. The smaller the size, the hotter it is! And you welcomed me with nice, friendly, warmth smiles & service that I enjoyed my stop there as much as I can. I said to myself that I'll pay you a visit again when I'm visiting Miri again.

And on the 1st of March 2009, I did visit Miri once again with my friends, George & his girlfriend, Shirley! I'm sorry that I didn't stop by the Miri Airport and pay you a visit but I got the chance of visiting your main branch. The branch that you first operates in Miri! =D

Kafe Starbucks Coffee, Bintang Plaza Miri...

The size of you in Bintang Plaza is way more bigger than you're in Miri Airport! You're like the size of 3units of shop in a block of shophouses. Which mean in here, you're meant for something even more bigger that you divides yourself into non-smoking & smoking zone! And serves more customers that not only from the locals but also a lot like me from Brunei! =D

[Great powers come with great responsibilities] Haha!

You gives more memories to people which more varieties choices of souvenirs are available here. Memories that can be keep & mesmerize forever!

Java Chip, Ice-Blended Mocha & Ice-Blended Cappuccino

See~ The drinks really emit Powers! I'm fully-charged now~

Thanks to lovely couple, George & Shirley. I had a wonderful & fun trip with you guys!

With the comfortable ambience you got there, the beautiful decorations you got there, the delicious tasty drinks you serve there, the famous brand name & franchise of coffee you got there, the hearts of customers you win there and etc. And one more which I believe is the most important one and one that couldn't lack of. Without them, more fragrance smell of coffee will be tasteless too!

Here it is, the staffs of Starbucks!!!
[Alin, Thilla, Yanna] The staffs in Miri Airport Branch.

From left to right [Hash, Jerry & Azries] Staffs in Bintang Plaza.

You all make Starbucks Coffee in Miri so LIVELY!!! Thank You All~

And who is this? The man behind everthing all these? Tettt!!! He's Majid. An owner of a boutique in Imperial Mall, Miri. The name of his shop is "EXTREME". Bought myself 2pieces of t-shirts there and this man happened to be a friend of my uncle & auntie in Lawas. A special price offered to me too! Haha! What a small world and he speaks GREAT hockien!!! Peace Uncle Majid~ You're in happy-stop! =D

[Happy-Moving into new place, George! Still a long journey to go! And I know you can do it cos' You're the Man] Haha~

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