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When Dawn Breaks (Trusan Part2)

Kokkk... Kooookkkooookkk... COCK... Hahaha! Ohh my... =P

The sun had rose. It's time to wake up and the old one always say "The early birds always get its foods!" The early one always get their chances or opportunities. For those that study, the early birds won't miss it chance to catch the bus to school. To those that working, they won't stuck in the traffic jam and wouldn't get scolded or complained for being late for work. And most important that won't get salary cut! Haha. To those that going down to the market, they'll get the fresh meats, vegies, fishes, fruits and etc. To those that going shopping center to shop, we still need to wait till the shops to be open. The early birds that reach the shops won't get extra discount though! Hahaha!

2nd of the second month in the lunar calendar, quite a lot of the students don't go to schools. Quite numbers of people don't work and goes down to the early market too! It's because everyone is ...

busy going to the temple and pray!!! Hahaha!

It's a fascinating & it's the event that celebrates only once a year. It's an event that is as merry as the "Malaysia General Elections!" Haha.

Everything is almost the same as the election that walking in a parade on the road shouting and cheering for their own party. The people is as full & busy as the people that support their own party during the election! The thing that is different from the general election is that the parade event in Trusan does involves the "GOD" Hehe.

How could I be the late bird that get nothings for its meal!!!

Went to the temple at 6am in the morning. Does this makes my wishes will be granted more faster than the others? Haha! I'm the early bird that day and I did got myself something. Something that we have to wait one more year to experience it. And here it is, the whole process of the remarkable event on the 2nd of the 2nd month in the lunar calendar!

One of the famous about the origin of lion dance. It's said that at the past, there was mysterious beast that ate the crops and scared the people of a local town. And the beast looked like what the "Ang Mo" world had called a Lion. The villagers got together and used pans and pots to create very loud noise that scare the lion off. Some even put on costumes which looked like the lion. Eventually their trick worked and the lion was gone. That's how we had all those tools like "Drum" & "Gong" for lion dance.

And there is one that told during the Tang Dynasty. The emperor had a strange dream on that night. In his dream, he was saved by one strange creature and carried to safety. The next day, he was wondering what's the creature and what's the dream meant. The emperor got his ministers together and described his dream. One of the ministers explained to the emperor that the strange creature resembled an animal that was known as "Lion" by the west. Then the emperor ordered his ministers to create this lion that he saw in his dream since the lion saved the emperor's life. The lion became as a symbol of good luck, happiness and prosperity that be seen on occasions such as the Chinese New Year, Grand Openings, Weddings, Birthdays, Festivals and also in the God's Parade Event in Trusan.

In the general election, the tools or things that often used are the flags of the specific party and also probably microphone and speakers that to ask people to support and vote for their party. In the God parade, that's the thing that we couldn't miss it out. It's called the chair that put the "神相" a.k.a Patung in Malay. Then it's carry by people on the parade around the village. It's also the key that trigger the people in possessing GOD into their body. What does that mean?

Let's follow the steps and the answer will be reveal.

In the Chinese's tradition. There is one thing that we Chinese called it "跳童" which is asking the god to possess into someone body that can help us human in solving thing. That's how we human can have direct communication with the God. It may sound exaggerate and it's hard to believe also. But there are things that can't be explain by science too.

The time the people is doing the ritual thing and inviting the god to possess into their body! For me, it can be trusted and cannot be trusted too. It's because all these involve the human and we human are one dangerous creature. Even more dangerous than the lion that terrorized the town in the past! haha. Good or Bad, that's all depend on the people that possess it. Till the very end, the god still using the human body. Only if they can show up and we can see them. =D

There a lot of people that misuse of these things that some cheated for wealth, power, leisure, sex and etc. It's good that we don't trust too much into it because the more we put in, the more hurt we'll get. Haha. It's best that we're awake that we our self know what is right and wrong.

And now you all understand what's mentioned in the Part 1 that we can seek helps and solutions from god when we need one! That's how we can talk face to face with them. =D

Time to get the Patung tied on the chair that will be use in the parade.

We Chinese also very keen with Time that when we're moving into new houses, we seek and choose the best time to move that will bring luck to us. When we're opening a new shop/ offices, we're choosing the best time and date too. Even hanging up the signboard of the shops, companies, restaurants, offices and the date for marriage also have to be choose in order to give benefits to the one.

Seeking for the right time to start the journey.
When the time is right, we have to grab it = when the chance is out there, we don't miss it!
Let's start the "Journey To The Trusan!"Hehehe.

Taaadddaaaa!!! That's how the things work and how people carries the chair tied with Patung in the parade.

The parade was lead by "三太子,中檀元帅" [General Lee from the five directions; North, South, East, West and Center]

And we have flags too!!!

The flags from each directions! And also...

Malaysia Boleh!!! Hahaha!

The chair can be carry by anyone as long as it's a guy! Doesn't matter the ...

Youngs one...

Adults one...

And the Old one...

But not all can trigger the God to possess into their body. "Only the CHOSEN one!" Hahaha.

He carried the chair for a few minutes then the God possessed into his body!!!

And this one too!!!
Hey!!! I'll shoot you~ Hahaha! See the finger pointing at him. =P

Not these one, not the chosen one though!!! It's just heavy! HAHAHAHA!

Did you guys noticed anything from the event? The color of their shirts!!! Isn't it the theme color of "HAPPY-STOP" [Orange + Yellow] Even the color of the lion dance also same as the theme of color of "HAPPY-STOP" and I know why I got the feel of wanting to join the event this year! Hahaha! The sign~ HAHAHA! KNS~

After rounding the whole village of Trusan, it's time to go back to the temple and the parade also has come to an end too. All those Patungs have to put back to right it was before. That's how the celebration during the day time and the villagers got back home for a rest that at the coming night time. They'll going up to the temple to eat dinner, enjoying performances by the people and also stand chances to win prizes in Lucky Draw too. And for me, I'd to rush back to Brunei because I'll have to work on the next day. Hehehe!

Ah-Yong just joined and took pictures of the events? What did he did other than taking pictures?

I did participated in carrying one of the chair. And these is the GOD that I carried. The same one that I carried few years back in Trusan. =D [出生娘娘] and I got the red fabric that used to tied the Patung on the chair as souvenier. =D

Yeah!!! Ah-Yong on the 26th February 2009 [2nd of the 2nd month in Chinese Lunar Calendar] Trusan's God Parade Event and also the Birthday of "福德正神大伯公" [Tuah Peh Kong]

Time to go back home, Brunei!!!

Crossing the River of Trusan by ferry to Temburong!!!

Years coming, there'll be a bridge that connects in between the two country that'll bring more convinience to people. =D

Trusan!!! Village of Peace...

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