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When Night Strikes (Trusan Part1)

Itsuki, a character from Initial-D whom is Takumi Fujiwara's best friend asked!
"What's GOD?"

八仙 [The Eight God]

三太子李哪吒 [Third Prince, Lee Na Zha]

关圣帝君 [Guan Yu]

Then he answered his own question.
"GOD was once human but he could do what other human could not! That's why he became GOD!"

And the pictures above are some examples of the Buddhism gods that people worships, they were once human in the past and were written in the Chinese history!

That's why GOD is everything. He does things beyond our imagination, beyond our limit, beyond our strength and etc. It's a tradition that passes down from one generation to one that we are ask to pray more to gods, believe in gods and seek for their helps when we need one! "拜的神多自然有神保佑" [Prays more often and automatically gods will help us] the quote that is often used in human.

And here we are. Pray more & more!!! "Err!!! My name is *** I want to pray that I get these & that!!! I want to drive BMW or Mercedes!!! I want to marry guy that looks alike Edward Cullen/ I want to marry woman looks alike Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Etc. I want to grow tall like Micheal Jordan!!!"

Hmmph!!! Are they all in the above up to date??? =D

In the past, we'd to walk quite a journey to the temple in a village to pray. At that time, temple is the only place that people can pray because only temple had those "神相" [Patung is what we call it in Malay Language! Hehe]

"神相" that are made from wood! [Patung]

We're human are clever that we got the idea of bring these home and we don't have to carry many things and walk that far. Now we can send our report to the sky instantly... It's just stay under the same roof with us! Teehehehe... And it's available everywhere. Restaurants, workshops, shops, storehouses, factories, gambling den, pub, disco and etc!

The pictures here all taken in a temple of a small village that had celebration going on at that time. A celebration of one of the god's birthday that is also the only big day that is celebrated throughout the whole year.

Every time at the lunar Chinese calendar, the second day of the second month, these event will held at the village. A village that is neighbor to Temburong. A village that I'll go during my school holidays when I'm small, village that we can find peace, village that is famous for its FRUITS, especially "THE DURIANs"

And the village would be...

"大老山" [Trusan]
That's the banner written the birthday of "福德正神" [Tuah Peh Kong] and the event that held will be the God's parade. It's something like the Prophet Muhammad's birthday that the muslims in Brunei walks around the town and what we have here in Trusan is the Chinese version. =D

The signboard of the Temple in Trusan!

And it's guarded by the two generals!

The general that is into combat! "武将"

The general that is into startegies. "文将"

And these is the interior of the Temple!!! All those pictures are drawn by one whom is professional in these gods' drawing. And he's known as "刘福" and we can find him at Kuching!

The Generals' Drum [将军鼓] that's use to invite the God to come and posses into someone!

The temple is located up on the hill. It's near to the Ferry Terminal in between Trusan & Temburong District. These is the time that everyone from the village goes up to the temple and pray and ready for the big celebration.

Just like the old times that the old one, young one, adults one, single, married, male or female rushing to the temple and pray. The whole kampong peoples that show up and make the atmosphere there full of merriment and excitement.

And there are entertainments too that spice up the recipe! hehe.

The Little Miss Trusan Beauty Contest! Hahaha.

The prize giving for the Trusan football league!
and there were people singing & dancing performance on the stage too...

Because God's power is so mighty and helped a lot of people. We human started to rely more and more to GOD!!! Last time we may pray health, peace, safety and maybe wealth also. But now we [ASK FOR MORE] PEPSI! haha. When one feels that their kids are naughty, they seek gods for help! Some also seek gods to find love, to find who will suit them more, who will bring them happiness, some ask for upcoming first prize in lottery numbers, some pray to gods that they can get flying colors result, almost everything can be ask. Even hiring maids, people seeks god to help them pick the right maids!

When we rely too much on someone, we're missing the chances to learn & grow and also giving our self the chance of being lazy! A simple question asks here. [Do gods want to see what he create is a lazy being?]

These is what God want to see from us! Even small kid can do it, why can't we? HEHE!!! =D

What the kid carries is the Joss Stick that is burnt to pray to Gods! There are big and small joss sticks sell! Small joss sticks cost rm1.00 and big one can costs up to rm188.00!

The higher price we pay, the faster our messages delivered to the Gods? Hehehe. Nehhh!!! Human maybe realistic but not GOD! =D

All we need is a "Sincere Heart"!

These is for sales too? Small = rm20.00, Medium=rm50.00, Big=rm80.00??? HAHA!

What's these? These are the tools that is going to use for the parade! Find out the answer on the next chapter in the Trusan Part2!

It's a wonderful night that everything went up well. Everyone got entertained by the exciting shows, things are prepared well for the event held on the next days and it's time to have some rest for the BIG GAME.

But before that...

Are you ready for the BANG???

KaaBooommm!!! Hip Hip Hooorraaayy for the locals in Trusan...

What happens when the dawn breaks???
It'll be reveal on the upcoming entry in!!! Brought to you by Ah-Yong!!! =D

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