Monday, January 18, 2010

Am I Ready For A New Relationship?

It had been a while since I'm in a relationship.

From what I had experienced, relationship thing is one magical and wonderful thing that ever happened to us human. It brings joy and at the same time also pain to us.

The sweetest thing that happened in a relationship is those times which we spent together. The time that you message me telling that you love me, the time that you hold me with your hands, the time that you lean on me while watching movie and etc. All these had come to an end with nothing but memories.

Love is just like drinking plain water. By adding syrup at it would make it tasted sweet. By adding lime into it would make it tasted sour. Everyone would like the taste of sweet but not all can tolerate the taste of sour.

And the sour part in relationship is the time that we have to say goodbye. It was hard for me at first that I kept asking myself

WHY things had to turn out to be like that! WHY love has to be that cruel!! WHY it has to be me!!!

Life has to move on that we're moving forward instead backward. Even if we want, it can't be help too. How to turn back time? After sometime, life had gone back as it used to be and found that

Love is not a cruel thing at all. It is something that we live in, grow up with and learn from it whenever it is sweet or sour.

Recently I met someone online and it was love at the first sight. Everything has to start from ground-zero that I am still in the process of getting to know her. The good thing is that we are going out together a lot.

Her name is Diana.
And her full name is Diana F+

Woo!!! That's her! My Diana...
I am looking forward into our upcoming outings together and spending the moments together throughout the bright and the dull.

I love you my Diana.

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One of the best things about love is that everyday I wake up from my sleep with smile knowing that I love you and you love me.

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