Friday, January 22, 2010

Saya Budak Cina Tahun 80an

Year 2000 is a start of a new millennium. Things had changed a lot no matter from what aspects. Things are getting more and improved. From an antenna mobile to touch-screen phone, from monochrome TV to LCD TV now and etc. All these had showed what a remarkable era we have now.

This is what we all had back then in da 80's & 90's.

And we find it entertaining and cool.

That was years back, but in the 2000s people start to think iPhone is COOLER!

When all the things had changed and new things had introduced to us, we start to forget what we are and how things are in the past. Especially to the kids these day in the 2000, they missed out a lot of awesome things that had happened in our life back in the 80's & 90's.

Every Sunday or any school holiday, they would want their parents bring them to Mc'D to have the "Happy Meal". Without knowing, they had missed something and somewhere that is nice to do & go on Sunday!

Which is having DimSum @ Phong Mun Restaurant! It is located at Bandar Seri Begawan, above of DQ Ice Cream at Jln Sultan. Dining in at the restaurant can let us have the view of Kampong Ayer. It is one very well known place for its Sunday's morning DimSum feast and also wedding's celebration dinner. But nowadays, it is not lively as before due to the things changed around from the 90's to the new millennium.

Someday in December 2009, I had the chance to visit Phong Mun Restaurant with my friends and tried the DimSum served.

It was nice, tasty and visiting back there sure does bringing back a lot of memories and feels. Let's see one of the best Chinese restaurants in Brunei serving one of the best DimSum! *Drum-rollingggg*

Century egg porridge

Lo Mai Kai

Pai Kut Fan

Lo Pak Gou "Fried Carrot Cake"

Crispy Wantan

Century Egg Siew Mai

Siew Mai


Zhu Jiao Jing

Siew Chuk Kin

Yee Mai

Want to try what we had missed out for a long time? The door of Phong Mun Restaurant is always open for us... It's up to you that decide to enter it or not! Thank you for being a part of me in my life...

Photo credited to Jestina Tan, Thank You

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