Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pehin Lau's 60th Wedding Anniversary

Love is always sweet at first! The time that we get to know each other at first. We talk a lot in the phone to understand each other more, we go out frequently to see each other more, we do something to each other to show that we do really like each other, we message each other when we miss each other. Everyday seems to be lively being together and everyday is like valentine day.

But once we get to understand more about each other and found the weakness of each other, it was not like it used to be. We start to get to know their weakness more than their good points. We don't talk, don't see, don't message and etc frequently as it used to be. Slowly and slowly love starts to fade.

It is like choosing a stone, we always want to have a more shining stone that we seeks all the time. By the time we found it, we may not know it is the right stone or not. Instead of spending the whole time searching for a better one, why not spend the whole time rubbing the stone we have now and lastly it can be the most shining stone around. Let's work things out together and we'll find that knowing each other is one of the sweetest thing that ever happened! And everyday also a valentine day!

It's never too OLD to be romantic. Here's a entry about Pehin Lau's 60th wedding anniversary that I attended with my friends in a month ago.

It was one grand wedding celebration dinner that the ballroom is fully packed people, a lot had been invited to share these happiness together. While enjoying the dinner, the guests were given freebies as souvenir, enjoying Chinese orchestra music & dance performances, hearing the speech given by Pehin Lau and also enjoying a slide-show presentation about the memory lane of Pehin Lau.

Pehin Lau and his wife together with their sons, daughters, sons & daughters in law and grandsons giving a toast with the guests. That's a picture that everyone always dream of having in their life.

What does it takes to hold a marriage long like these? A simple action everyday towards each other, in the end we'll build one extraordinary marriage.

A simple phone call asking how each other doing, a sms telling each other I love you, a simple hug, a simple kiss, a simple meal prepared, a simple encouragement and support and etc. All these "simple" everyday and in the end it is one extraordinary "simple"!

Thanks to Soon Tiong and his siblings & relatives, we're invited to join this celebration and also had one grand dinner with great foods!!!

Deluxe Five Hot & Cold Dishes Combination Platter

Shark Fins Soup with Shredded Chicken & Mushrooms

Double Happiness Combine Chicken

Braised Abalone with Mushrooms & Broccoli

Braised Noodle with Assorted Seafoods

Fried Prawns with Ooloong Tea Leaves

It is one magnificent dinner that not only the foods tasted good but the drinks too. Like other function dinner, coca-cola, 7up, mirinda orange & chinese tea will be the choices of free flow drink served to the guests. During that night, instead of using Coca-Cola, 7up or Mirinda Orange.

They used PEEL FRESH ORANGE JUICE!!! I LIKE~ and everyone likes it! Slurrrppp....

Met and sat the same table with my Primary school Chinese & Moral teacher, Teacher Kuan! She still can recognized me after not seeing for 13years. Guess that I didn't change much at all. Still as BULAT as before!

Photo credited to Jestina Tan, Joshua & ME,!!!

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