Friday, January 15, 2010

Lucky or Not

Lucks come and go. We may don't know when we're going to be lucky or not. We can only know whether we're lucky on or after things had happened.

For example, today while walking around the streets and bump into a hundred dollar note on the road. We'll be consider it lucky to have extra $ that we can right away go McDonald's and order BIG MAC & McNuggets XL! The same thing, instead of picking up a hundred dollar note we step on doggy's poo poo. We'll be like "Nabehhhh"!!! and consider it a bad day to start.

Everyday is a good day for us if we look at it on a good way!

I was lucky to try a newly open cafe & restaurant in Gadong that I get to try these with my friends.

Baked Chicken-Chop Rice

Lemon-Chicken with White Rice

Kerabu also known as "Jeruk Bembangan" in Malay

Fish & Chips

Grilled Chicken and Mash-Potato with Mushrooms Sauce

We all had all those at Flavours Cafe & Restaurant that is located at the same block with Little Bean, shop that sells electrical appliances that is nearby to Rejoice Chicken Rice.

I'm not sure if the promotion still on or not. As long as you order any menu that is $5.00 and above, then we can have any drink in the menu with free of charge. If you're lucky enough if the promotion still on, then we can get to try the drinks FOC.

Java Floats, coffee with vanilla ice-cream as topping

Ice-Blended Oreo

Forget what this drink is!

Watermelon Juice
Let's see if luck is by our side to try the all the drinks above with free of charge!

Photos credited to Jestina Tan,

Recently there is one place selling tasty kolomee that had closed down its business. It had been a bad news for the people that loves to eat the kolomee there. It had been all time favorites for the Chinese that the old one, the young one would go there to try the kolomee every weeks or once in a while.


It is known as the Ocean Quarry's Kolomee. The business at Jalan Tutong, Madewa there had closed down.

Bye Bye, one of the delicious kolomee in Brunei.

However lucks never dry out, after a big heavy rain the rainbow always show up telling us that there is always hope for us! It is now moved to Jalan Muara, Simpang 1029! Right after we enter the junction, we get to see the sign above stated Kolomee in Chinese.

I dine-in there every Friday. So far it is my second time and it is still counting.


The taste is still the same as before and fragrance as before. Even it had moved far away but there is still people who would drive extra miles just for its kolomee and kolomee pok. And one of them would be...


BUT don't every try our luck on Wednesday on trying the kolomee! Because how lucky and good we are on that day, we just can't have it.

That is because it's CLOSED on Wednesday!

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