Monday, January 11, 2010

My First Exp @ Kimchi Restaurant

It has been a long since I last eat Korea's cuisine. It has been so long that I nearly forget how sour can a KIMCHI taste...

Someday in the December 2009, I had the chance to try one of newly established Korean restaurant in Kiulap.

It was the KIMCHI restaurant that located to Regent Square Kiulap, just beside of the Dunes cafe.

It was my first time experience to dine in at the restaurant and it was one nice experience too. The staffs there are friendly and serve you with their beautiful smile. It is hard to find friendly workers these day. I had experiences that when we dine into the restaurant and we have to see the worker's face and they gave us an attitude.

Everyone want to have their meals happily.

See the smile from the waitress, can see the teeth some more!

And no one...

No one want to have their meal that can spoil their mood! No one want to come out from the place that they just dined at disappointingly.

Here comes da foods!

Chicken Bulgogi

The Korean Popiah


"Cold Noddles, 冷面"

The foods served were nice and tasty too.

And one of the nicest things about Kimchi Restaurant is that we get to enjoy the FREE-FLOW of its side dishes.

Isn't it SIOK? Other than just dine in the Kimchi Restaurant that day. That day also a birthday of a friend of mine. Which was...

ANDY VUN!!! And he received an iPhone on his very own day too.

An iPhone which its specification is custom designed to satisfy this man! But it is an iPhone that could not call, could not send sms but can receive sms! That is because it is Handmade!

Other than that, majority of the iPhone's features still remains the same.

A lot of small icons at its home-screen that is actually the same as the real one.


See, it is still able to read SMS sent by others and we able to slide the screen to view the next sms!

The only thing that is special and the latest iPhone 3gs that sells on the market also didn't come with this specification, it is the only thing that is different from the real iPhone which is its memory.

This one comes with "1TB'!

Right after the dinner, we went to Kianggeh food-court to sit and had some Teh-C Tarek.

Took a few photo shots near the riverside.

Never bring an emo people near to riverside/ hillside/ seaside. It is very dangerous! Hahaha...

Still there hesitating... Let me help you!

Have a good start on da beginning of the week! Let's start it with a SMILE :)

Photo credited to Jestina Tan,! Thank You

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