Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buka Kerja Sudah!!!

Today is the fifth day (初五) of the Chinese New Year.

And people said that it is a very good date to start working or open shops after the holiday of Chinese New Year.

People believe that it would brings lucks and makes things go smoothly for the rest of the year. Let's see if will be a KICK-ASS blog in a year time.

Red color is the favorite color of the Chinese. That is why we see RED everywhere during the Chinese New Year's festive. Red lanterns, red banners, red packets, red clothes, red bra, underwear & etc. RED, the color of luck and harmony.

Secret Recipe is widely known cake-house & cafe that was founded in Malaysia that became franchise that are serve also in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Pakistan and now in BRUNEI.

It is founded on the 1997 and now had over 150 outlets throughout the regions. What makes Secret Recipe that "heng heng" (prosperous) opened 1 branch and then another one and another one and so on...

Is it because of the Secret Recipe that is secret that no others could make cakes like they do?

Or is it because of the "RED" color concept that brings luck?

The RED color menu

And of course not because of the RED color that is behind its successful stories. If color is what matter at it.

What about the everything GREEN in color, Starbucks Coffee? There are GREEN & yet we can see them almost everywhere throughout the world. The lucks wont just come at us unless we work hard to search for it.

It is the foods that are behind the successful stories in Secret Recipe. They served more than 20 types of foods from Chicken Chop Rice to Spaghetti, Cabonara, Lasagne and etc.

For me, it is obviously all about the cakes & pastries serve in Secret Recipe.

They have many kind of cakes that would take some time for us to decide which one to order.

The cakes served that not only they look good but also taste good! A place that people will go for high-tea and enjoy their beautiful afternoon. We people just like to eat cakes. Whenever we're happy, we eat cakes and whenever we're not happy, we eat cakes too!

And my own personal experience, cakes do taste according to our moods!

The cakes sell are either in slices or the whole size.

Chocolate Indulgence, creamy and rich Belgian coverture chocolate and white chocolate filling.

My all-time favorite, Tiramisu! Cake flavored with espresso filled with layers of mascarpone cheese and cappuccino cream.

To know whether it is good or not, real or not. They always said "Seeing is Believing". These does not apply in foods, it would be "Tasting is Believing".

Secret Recipe can be found @ The Mall, Gadong & Seri Delima!

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