Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Been A While Didn't JP

Jerudong Park Playground, one of the hottest spot in Brunei in the 90's. It was the main attraction of tourists at that time before the Empire Hotel & Country Club. It was opened @ 1994. It was glorious back then that people around the South East Asia would come to Brunei for JP! Kids including ME at that time love weekend & holidays because that's the time we all go JP. And I remembered every time i visited there, it was packed with people and cars.

It was the only amusement theme park in South East Asia that does not charge the public with admission fee. People just enter the park and also play the rides for FREE. All everyone have to do is queue. That is one of the reason that attract people at that time. Not only the rides are free for the public to play but also the tickets to see the live performance of Micheal Jackson's concert were also FREE.

BUT JP now had left nothing much but memories. During the economic crisis in 1997, it is the time when the state of the park started to decline. They had to cut cost which JP sent back a lot of technicians & engineers and the maintainability of the rides are getting less. People started to worry to sit on the ride, numbers of tourists dropped due to the economic crisis. A lot of factors that caused the fall of JP. A lot of the rides had sold to other countries and what's left now are the...

Junior Bumper Car


Forgot the name of this ride

Dead Mans Cove

Merry Go Around

And also rides like Go Karts, Pedal Boats, Junior Pirate Ship and etc that remains. The rides that remain now are the kiddie ride but not the KICK ASS like the roller coaster, giant drop, pusing lagi, boomerang and etc. All those had sold to other countries.

However the park did not close due to conditions like these, it is switching & moving towards a more family oriented theme park that focusing on rides and events which draw in mums, dads & kids. Could not hear Screaming at around the park like before as people were riding the adrenaline filled rides.

Everyone now can have good time relaxing in the park with their families and friends that they can have picnic gathering around the playgrounds. Kids are the main target market of JP that parents would bring their kids to enjoy the Eco-friendly surroundings around.

And also playing around the playgrounds.

The park now is trying to revive its ambiance that make people would visit it frequently. JP has these mini amphitheater where local artists can do their performing in time to time. We can see teenagers playing street football inside and also...

Remote Control Cars

Heard that there are several future planning for the redevelopment of the park. These will be good instead of letting the park to rot. A lots had changed since back then. There also have thing that does not change since the 1994. It used to have a lot of people visiting that area and it is the same now.

Which are the...

The Foodcourt @ JP. Seems that we ANAK BRUNEI like to eat a looooottttt... The food court where all local all time favorite foods can be found like...

Roti John


Satay, Nasi Lemak and etc.

The stall that had run its business since the 90's which are famous back then until now. Everyone would drive extra kilometers for these and that includes ME!

The stall that is famous for its "SALAI" (BBQ)!

They are good in barbecuing the BBQ chicken wings and BBQ Tongkeng. Its taste still the same like before where the outer parts (skin) are crunchy to bite and the meats inside are soft and tender. CRISPY + TENDER = definitely a nice BBQ wings & tongkeng to munch inside the mouth.

The business is so good that we all have to queue and wait for our order to be ready. The orders just keep coming and coming, the people just keep getting more and more and the workers just keep barbecuing and barbecuing non-stop! Everyone is willing to wait that long for it.

And I waited around 30minutes plus for my order to be done.

BBQ Chicken Wings

BBQ Tongkeng


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