Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sabotaging The School Rules

Studying time is long. Everyday I have to attend class from 8am to 430pm. In between these long hour I have 2hours of lunch break which I didn't go back home to have it. School is far from my house that takes 25minutes to reach which is time and also petrol consuming. So everyday during my lunch break, I'll spend the two sweet hours here...

The school's library! The school is still new and there aren't much students studying. The library will only packed with a few people during the break. This is where I find peace because it is so calm and quiet and the air-cond is super kick-ass cold. Definitely a place to relax. The library also equipped with wi-fi that I can surf and msn when there are not any assignments to be done. When I'm not doing any of it, I'll just SLEEP!!!

It is neat and spacious. The surrounding also clean. It is well tidy by the school cleaners and "well-manage" by the librarians. Thanks to them, I always enjoy my time spending in the library doing my things. And what does it take to manage a clean and tidy library like these?

Of course the RULES that are needed to be obey. Indeed A LOT of it some more. Cannot do these, cannot do that. Must do these, must do that! I guess it does really take a lot to make it one successful library.

And sometimes rules are meant to be broken too! :)

Having hand-phones in the library is breaking the rules too. Why not we just silence the hand-phone while we are inside. Isn't it a two win-win result? I silently play my phone without disturbing anyone and the library still peacefully as ever.

Please put the books on the table and do not place them on the shelves!

And what are these? -.-!! What does the meaning of the rule above trying to deliver?

I agreed with these! Library is a place to read books, do research, do assignments & reports, surfing, rest and etc. Definitely not a place for foods. If want foods and drinks, we can always go to the canteen where they sell tasty Nasi Lemak and Indomie Mee Goreng with Mata Lembu!

What if the drink got spill and got the wording of the books blur? What if the drink got spill and got the carpet dirty? It will create extra works for you, the librarian and also the cleaner. Having foods and drinks in the library will just making extra works and troubles for everyone.

Like I care!!! No one is going to stop me from enjoying my sweet sweet time!!! As long as I am happy!!! And there is no rule saying "No Drinking & Eating". I'm innocent!

And there is no rule saying I can't do these inside the library too!


Hope I don't get any trouble or got suspended for posting these!!! LMAO~

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