Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Business For a Day

Had the chance to visit the Business School @ Gadong today. It was my class field trip. The school is located at the back junction to enter Maktab Duli College and also opposite to University Islam Sultan Sharif Ali.

Business School is obviously a school where people study business. Today happened to be the day that the senior student have to do "Business For A Day" as part of their assignment and report. They were asked to make business for a day at school.

It is a business which all the students are allow to sell and promote almost anything. As long as it is within the law and also brings in PROFIT ! Yeah, who wants to rugi!

From selling computer's accessories......

To slippers...

To ladies' wears and accessories...

To jeweleries...

To bookmarks and key chains...

To playing video games...

So many things we can find here, it is like garage sales to me where we can find a lot of things in one place. Problem is all the businesses running good?

I'd met my friend there, Siti Khadijah. She said that it is earning, she had earned quite a lot by just selling D.I.Y bookmarks, photo-frames and key-chains. Not bad huhh for a student.

And also not to forget to mention about the FOODS! Foods & Beverages is the business that a lot of students chosed for their business for a day activity. The demands are high that everywhere we go, how could we be so mean to let our stomach goes empty. There would be competitive for the foods & beverages' business.

Having competitors in a business is not a bad thing at all. Let's think for the good sides. With competitors around, we always have to be the best around in the market in order not to be disqualify from the market. And for these, we keep to upgrade and improve in order to beat the others.

When everyone does these, more new & better services are provided to the consumers. These not only benefits to the market but also to us, the one who enjoying it. Others are selling cup-cakes, biscuits, spaghetti, home-cooked dishes, kuih melayu and etc. In order to be special, this booth in the picture above sells BBQ lamb with fried-fries. Not only they earn $$$, we also get to enjoy the foods.

Not only new services are provided while having competitors, but also products that keep introduced to the market to grab profit.

Introducing the new and another level higher than egg-tart's products, THE SALTY-EGG TARTS!!!
Nehh, just kidding. It is egg-tarts with too much colorings added. The colors looks like the yolk of salty egg to me.

Having good services and products is not enough to earn money. Marketing also the tools for boosting the sales of products and services. Without marketing, how people going to know what we're doing and selling. We have to expose outside to let people know about us. If not, it'll be like selling cheap deal iPhone in the jungle. Who will know and go to buy? Orang-Hutan?

The students understand the power of marketing that they do their adverts and paste it on the notice board. We get to see these adverts right before we enter the school. Some also made BIG banners to attract the customers.

The Lucky 4 booth, wonder how is the business going for them? Is it a lucky day for them today? Let's hope they are doing alright because for us Chinese, 4 is not a good digit to choose. It means "DIE"!!!

Henna Paste, don't what kind of "paste" does Henna Paste referring to...

Touch Of Paradise, one good name! Only if it is a massage center.

While walking around, I also spotted these on the notice board of the school!!!

Woo, a new kind of marketing maybe!!! What a good friend she had there...

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