Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The One & Only @ Wasan

PMB, "O" level & "A" level's results are out and everyone is busy thinking where to go and what to study! 17th and the 18th February 2010 was the open day for my school. It is the day which the school open to the public for the visit to let them know what courses are offered there and what do each course's students do in the school.

The school provides 3 courses for the National Trade Certificate and 3 courses for the National Diploma. The courses provided are the Agriculture Science, Fisheries Studies, Biotechnology Studies and Food Technology & Processing.

Of all the courses above, Food Technology & Processing is what that caught my attention. After visiting their site, i found that all the foods students are great.

I find them great & steady because Food Technology only offering NTC that opens to the students after having their PMB result. Which means its like going to technical school after "O" level.

They are so cool that age like that, they learn how to process foods and prepare it in kitchen.

And most of the kids around that age still at home playing TV games! Instead of cooking themselves a meal, they just shout: "Auntieeee or Mummyyyyy, is the foods readyyyy?"

Kids around age 14 -15 in Wasan School cooks instead of playing TV games.


Not only they got the chance to learn cooking, they actually learn about the science of the foods and learn the method of process it from raw materials. Like making fish balls from fish meats, making nuggets from chicken meats, making burger meat from the raw meat. Everybody can cook but not all can process!

And they also make drinks too! During the two days open day @ school, the students in food technology & processing course sell all their hard work products that they made and at the same time promote about their course. Everything is paid off that business is doing GREAT for the two days. Kacchinggg $_$

Boxing Chicken, Chicken Nugget & Fries that they processed.

Of all the products selling like boxing chicken, chicken nugget, drinks, nasi lemak and etc, the foods that I LOVE the most is the BURGER!

The burger that I said it is only available and the only one in Kg. Wasan. The burger that is available only once a year which is during the open day of the school!

Cheese Beef Burger

Chicken Burger

And my most favorite, Fish Fillet Burger! and for the two days, I ordered the Fish Fillet Burger Special with Egg & Cheese that cost $3.00! The fish fillet is thick that really satisfied the big man's appetite.

Even start from really low like National Trade Certificate also can climb step by step to the top. From NTC to National Diploma and then Higher National Diploma and so on! It might take longer time to climb to the top but they start climbing at the age of 14-15 which is so early. And being young is everything.

The admission form can be take in Wasan Vocational School's administration office and submitted not later than 1st of March.

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