Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Place To Go During Gong Xi Valentine

Valentine day is @ the corner of the week. This time valentine day is different because it lies on the same day with the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. It is special that people celebrate Chinese New Year and at the same time also Valentine day. Because of these, there are places that having promotion like...

Gong Xi Valentine Dinner.
Wonder if business is working well for the promotion or not. That's because mostly of the foreigners had gone back to their hometown to celebrate with their families that a quarter of the Chinese is not in Brunei.

Then the another quarter of the local Chinese will be busy celebrating the New Year with families and friends...

And lastly the remaining half of the Chinese will be spending the time together with Mahjong, Dominoes and Card's game! That is in the blood of the Chinese that Chinese like to gamble.

Despite the gambling, there are still romantic peoples out there that would want to celebrate Valentine Day with the love one. Time like these, it is wise that we make out the time and celebrate it with the love one or else...

Ended up sleeping with the dominoes or cards for the rest of the night.

A simple celebration would be fine for valentine. At least let the other half know that date like these you would want to have it with the love one. A simple dinner with simple gift will do. Why not a day going out for a romantic dinner at romantic place during the romantic time.

Senja Lounge @ Riverview Hotel Gadong, a place that I'd been for dinner on one of the weekend like everyone had with friends...

Alan Chan & YeeNee,

George & Shirley,

Leslie & Yan Yan,

And also Ho Wee, Chee Hwa, Andy & Jestina.

Not only myself but also those smiley faces people above do agree that Senja Lounge is a nice place to dine in & relax with families or with couple number of friends. A place that fits in for any occasions and celebrations which includes this coming Gong Xi Valentine day.

The foods served here are all based on the Western Cuisines and it is really tasty. And it is worth the price ranging from $15-$30. Even though I'm not a person that always walk in into Western Cuisine restaurant but I can say Senja did a good job in impressing the first timer like me. It does makes me want to go back for more of it.

Right after we had our order, we were given complimentary breads that comes with plain butter.

When we don't want the complimentary bread be eaten with just plain butter. I recommend these. For the first timer like me, THE SENJA PRAWN & BLUE CHEESE (B$12.00) is a MUST order's menu. The cheeses are extra cheesy and served in HOT that the cheese dissolving into the bread when it is dip inside the bowl. And then put it in the mouth and chew it. The cheeses flow out just like squeezing a wet sponge.

And at first before the Blue Cheese is ready to be served, I thought Blue Cheese supposed to be these BLUE!!! Hahaha!

For the appetizers, we ordered the blue cheese and also this CALAMARI SPECIAL (B$5.00) to open up the appetite.

Then everyone had their main courses that are...

Spaghetti Napolitane with Seafoods (B$28.00)

Spaghetti Cabonara (B$14.00)

Senja Chicken Cordon Bleu (B$15.00)

Senja Rack Lamb (B$28.00)

Think of the name, "Senja Lounge Grill Room" it does delivers message telling that their signboard's menus are the grilled & the barbecue. Going to Senja Lounge without ordering the Blue Cheese and its Steak would be like going to Kuching without trying its Kuching Laksa, going to Seria without trying the Seria Kolomee & Keow Tiaw, going to Thien Thien Chicken Rice without trying the chicken rice.

Traditional Steak (B$20.00) The steaks they served do come in various size and weight that makes it different costs too. The higher the price, the bigger the portion.

Another Steak's menu, forget about the name and this one costs B$22.00!

And lastly, the last menu of the post. Senja Pepper Steak (B$31.00)

And when everyone thinks that is all for the menu, it is wrong! Every plate like the lamb, chicken cordon and the steaks do come with vegetable salads for us to eat with. And the salad vegetables come with the choice of various salad sauce.

Here's the famous salad vegetables ordered by everyone that night with the sauce "a thousand island"!

All the foods sure taste great and great foods sure have to eat with great drinks too. People like to drink wine while enjoying the lamb-chops and steaks. It will be like eating char kueh without kopi o if there is no wine while enjoying the tasty savors. Senja does not want to disappoint its customers like the AngMoh & the Chinese.

That they actually allow customers to bring wine and drink it while having the meal. As long as we order the foods there, they won't charge us extra penny on it.

Isn't it a great and romantic place to go and relax. GREAT place, GREAT food and can also bring GREAT drinks!

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