Friday, July 18, 2008

All the best to you in K.L!

Hey! Still remember how we met? We went to the same tuition before in the year 2001. I was in form2 and you’re in form1 during that time. Still remember the times there where we boys always like to play and talking in the class. And we boys also got quarrel with you girls! Haha. After a year in there, I had promoted to form3 and moved to new tuition center because the tuition centre before only teach till form2. Sure that it’ll be more peaceful and less troubles and headaches cause to the teacher too. HaHa!

We still managed to contact with each other through the internet. After years of chit-chatting, it’s already 2006. You and I both am “A” level student and we both attended the same school. This time, I’m no more your senior. We’re the same intakes. Ah-Yong repeats his form5 ah. Now it’s year 2008, every one of us got graduated from the college. As for me, I’m graduated too. But I walked out through the back door [the history repeats] and as for you all, you all walked out with smiles and laughter! Hehe! That’s a nice thing to congrats! You guys made it! =)

This time, we had improved the times. We stayed in the same school together for two years. Haha! Now year 2008, you’re leaving to K.L [Kuala Lumpur] to continue your studies. It’s good news to hear from you. And you’re telling that you’ll be living there by yourself which you going to do all the chores, cooking, groceries shopping and then have to study and do all the works given. Times and energy is what you’re going to need there. Also encouragement from family and friends. Right before you leaves Brunei. We really made it these times, right after many times of discussion of going out limteh and having lunch/dinner. Every time also just theory, these time we do actually carry out the practical. =)

We had our first dinner together in capers! Gosssh! 7years of friends, till the last year and the time when one is going for further studies. Baro had the first outing together. Haha!

Before start the introduction, let’s enjoy the foods first! Capers, where we eat all the pastas and pizzas we can. Well, just pictures with no description ah. Because every times I got there, I just do the eating. As for the ordering, I had Mr. Vun who did great jobs in ordering the foods. All also delicious! Thanks to the chef lah, who prepared all these!

Woo! Can anyone guess what this is? Looks weird right?

That’s me with a jug of Coca-Cola! Haha -_-!!

God! After the long lo-so-ness of me! You all still haven’t got to know who the one that go K.L is! Enough with all the foods and the lo-so of yours, Yong. Okay, Tuan-tuan Dan Puan-puan, Mari saya welcomekan tetamu terhormat kita…

Wan Theng!!!


That’s us while waiting for the others.

That’s Ho Wee, also attended the same tuition in year 2001. Still remember how “Sart” is him in the tuition? Haha! You know, I know and He Knows!

Here comes Andy! Everyone arrived, time to play. Grrr!!!

Opps! Haha. Don’t get it wrong ya, it’s just me and wee. More than 13years friends! See how close we are now, but in the past! There were couples of times we got quarrel and fought with each others. Guess all these process of sweet/sour/spicy made the “Bond” now.

That’s me been thrown into the corner all alone. Haha!

After the hours of eating, talking and playing. It’s time to the end of the night. Let’s end it with a nice warmth group photo we had.

Capers with Wan Theng [1st July 2008]

All the best to you in K.L! A lot of things to do at first and it’s going to be hard too. “凡事起步难” just like baby that starts to learn walking. For sure he/she will fall down quite numbers of times. After times of training and the strong determination, he/she starts to walk stable and slowly run here and there and also jump up and down! Same thing goes to you there, don’t worry about falling down. From where we fall, that’s where we learn how to stand! Anything, you know who to approach and where to stop. It’s always here in Brunei, your family and friends that cheer for you! “加油吧, 朋友

We’ll be waiting for you, Take Care There!

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