Thursday, July 10, 2008


Family is like a home for us. Just like house which comes with roof that shelter us from the rain, the wind blowing or the sun shining brightly outside. Just like our family that always holds us no matter how. Other than family and relatives, friends also the one we spend most of our time with either sitting down in kopitiam or café chit-chatting. In some other words, it can be “kepo-ing” or “gossiping” That’s the fun part of limteh. Haha! Careful of mr.Sky!!! Friends also play an important role in our life too. They are the home outside that we celebrate the joys together and share the pains among each other. Each of them does have their own role in playing.

For example, friends come in many. There can be divided into sports, foods, gaming, hang out; shopping and etc. there always have the specific one we mix with. We often mix with the one that share the same interests or hobby like us. “We are what we eat & we are what around us.” A person that likes to eat sweetening stuff, he/she soon or later will get diabetes. A person that likes to eats lots of fatty foods and did little in sport; he/she soon or later will get into obesity. In our real life, same things usually happen to. For example, we like to play basketball or football, the friends and the persons that around us are either football or basketball’s players who are the same like us. Friends around us who like to read books, we also at least will be influenced by them that we also buy ourselves a book and read. And what about the one who doesn’t share the same interest like we do? So we just seldom or totally don’t mix up with them?

We’re now living in the world of information. The ancient and industrial ages had over. In the past, the wealth was given by god that people lived near to river as fishermen that they can get fishes. Farmer lives in the jungle to plant vegetables, all these were given by god. During our father’s time, its industrial ages that wealth is all created by themselves which they worked hard and got back how much effort they putted in. Now as we’re already in the information’s age. Sharing and exchanging each other’s worth are the one that help us to create wealth. Just a simple example, whenever we want to buy gadgets, cars, electronics things and etc. We always look for someone we know in the specific fields so we can get a special prize or discount.

There is Chinese’s quote saying “在家靠父母,在外靠朋友 which mean “at home we rely on parents, at outside we rely on friends” Parents couldn’t always be our side 24/7. There are times that we go out, times that we go work/school, times that we going to leave our own home and build ourselves a home. In school, we rely on our classmates or schoolmates that we discuss assignments together or even copying from each other. Haha! While working, we rely on our colleagues that we work together to get the jobs done.

With a pair of hands. How much can we do? How much can we hold? When there is more hands, there is more things can be done and hold. A person can carry 10kg of rice at a time; imagine how much can 10people carry at a time. Having lots of people around do bring us big support. There is always helping hands and ears out there that willing to help us when we do need one; that willing to hear our story when we do want to share.

Time do flies, we grow each day. Who are the one that first accompany us and walked with us till what we are now? It’s our family, relatives and friends. At home, family and relatives are the one that accompany us. In school, friends are the one that walked with us. Thanks to everyone, we are what we are now. Here I am, going to use my blog to introduce everyone they got into my life. The more people I know, the more information I can get. Here are the pictures taken during my elementary level.

Everyone sure does grow up and change. And it’s been so long I didn’t update with them. Same to them, it’s been a long time that we don’t gather like we use to be. All in one class studying, all in the canteen eating, all in the school area playing “躲避球”, all in the hall attending assembly. Just stated above, we now mix with the one we close with.

There is a chance now for me and everyone that we all can get to meet each other again. All gather in one area just like before. I’m here using happy-stop where all the journeys start, where all the moments are records into. There are times that when you’re lost. Don’t know where to go or want to meet some old friends. Feel happy to leave message or e-mail/msn me. We can find a time and have an outing together and see what we can do.

In July 15th, Tuesday. We’re going to have our first reunion gathering. It’s the first step we took that we’re here creating a stage for the people who are in the same badges with us. It’s the stage that where all of us get to meet with each other at the same time, same place. To the year 1999, primary six’s people. You’re most welcome to attend the gathering. Let’s together build the joy we used to have before. it’s a gathering that organize not just by me myself. It’s all contributed by everyone in the badge 1999. It’s a gathering that involves big unity to get it done. To find out more detail, message me through my e-mail or facebook,!

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