Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goodbye Lian Jie

This post contributes to my friend, Joyce Wong Hui Lieng a.k.a “莲姐”.

Back to the old days, we attended the same school and tuition center for our elementary level. After the elementary level graduation, those were the times that many of us got apart. Some went overseas to continue their secondary level and some got transferred to other school. That’s the time all of us got apart and have new lifestyles, new friends and new environments. Some of us even got lost contact. Some still keep in touch till now. The day I got in college. That’s the time I saw lots of familiar face whom most of you were my schoolmates during my childhood. One of them is you, “Ah-Lian”. You still the old you, still small size but sure do have the loudest voice around. haha! It’s the voice that brings laughter to people around you. Keep it up! Be the sun that shines light to people.

And now, you said that you going to Australia for further studies, taking child care course. Haha! It’s something hardly expect from you. It’s okay! Even mechanic kah, plumbing kah, driving heavy machinery car even you’re small size! Asal you ambil punya, we all here going to support you! Go for it, Lian! Before u leave Brunei, we still managed to have a gathering which is at Capers. Also the first time we gathered together. Here below are the times that we spent together before you leave.

Ggrrr... Ggrrr! Haha

After that night, you asked us to join your farewell party. Guess what it turned to?

The farewell party turned out to be a small gathering cause of the delaying schedule of yours. Haha! So you’re not leaving Brunei that fast, more outings can be done lagi. We’ve been to Korean Restaurant, ate steamboat at Teo Peo Hon, go I-Sweet for desserts and Chempaka eat Ho Liao! Haha…

A night in Korean Restaurant

Korean Sushi <- Named by myself. Weii~ it’s cheap ohh compare to japanese sushi. Served in many pieces again! It’s worth for people who got giant appetite like me. =)

The carrot cake of Korea <- also named by myself again. When you visit Korean restaurant, don’t forget to order these. It’s tasty!

The hot pan grilled chicken. Every time when I see TV programs or movie where people introduce or go Korea eating their meal. There are always hot plate grills fixed inside the table that people can fry their foods themselves. Seem to be “siok” for me. Now I get the chance to do it myself in Brunei. Haha!

First we open the fire, and then let the pan be heated. After a while, put the meat inside the pan and…

Stir it…

Just like these and it’s done and can be eaten. Haha!

That’s me, enjoying the foods.

Taking photos together.

Here’s the night that we had our steamboat dinner in Teo Peo Hon, Batu Bersurat.

First, introducing the foods ah! Eat full baro got the energy to do things ah! Never say no to foods. In Malay, we called it “makan ini adalah rezeki” in Chinese; we called it “吃是福”.

Hey! Me again, picking ingredients to cook. Peace!

The food here is fresh and the service is good which the waitress keep refilling the foods whenever I finished it at the shelves. Haha! I enjoyed eating the “Fried Wantan”.

After picking the ingredients, it’s time to put all those in.


I like this one, do I look like Ultraman? “咸蛋超人

Everything just looked normal and cool!

Hey Hey! The smiles in everyone are wider than the above one! Haha! Just kacau you, Andy! =)

After the dinner, we went to I Sweet in Giant Mall to drink dessert! Welcome back Yung Shin. Happy holidays to you, enjoys till the very best ah! And lastly.

Goodbye Lian Jie! Haha! You’re already in Australia to study! They’re going to be new lifestyle, new environment, new friends and everything for you. It takes time to cope up all these as there may be lots of challenges to be face, decision to be made, works to be done. There is always an up and down in you as you face all these. Don’t you worry; we’ll grow every inch as we move ahead. Take a rest when you do need one, but don’t you quit! There is one quote that you said to me “天下无难事, 怕有心人” and here I also said it back to you and to everyone out there. We all can achieve what you want. “Passion”, “determination” and “patience” are what we want. As long as the heart still alive, we still can to do anything. When it’s dead, we’re totally can’t do anything but just to lie down inside the soil. =) Believe in yourself, you can do it! We’re always here, u can e-mail/sms us. Technologies nowadays are so efficient that we don’t have to wait letters for months. Now just with a “click”.

Thanks to you for bringing us the laughter, the joy, the jokes, the sharing and the Steady abbreviation of yours. Now we got “KNN” “PKM” “CBK” “KL” “KS” “KB” “LP” and … … when you got back from Aussie, make sure you still maintain ah. Don’t change it to “WTD” “BH” “FY” haha! jk lah! Thanks for being such a sunny person around us! We’ll be waiting for you and the buah tangan. Haha!

Words of encouragement and support do mean a lot. Those are the ingredients for each one to have the determination, passion and strength to carry on. Why not spend a little time of yours there, drop something in the comment box. Telling what you want to say to “Ah-Lian” or to someone you had missed. Let them know that you also do care about them.

Gambateh and Take Care everyone out there.

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