Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hawkers Nite With Aspirasi

There were times that we studied our upper secondary level together as classmates for 2years. It’s nice to be classmates with you all that I’d improved my Malay language and learnt lots of “Bahasa Brunei” from you guys. I heard and learnt quite a number of Poems, Jokes, Stories, Gossips and etc from you guys. There were times that we all share the laughter and pain together, which we played, joked, story-telling, gossiping together. And we also shared our problems together which we sit down together helping each other’s out. All these made everyone of us got closer together and made my attendance outstanding. -_-!!

We all did enjoyed the 2years time together that we made school’s time FUN. We had moments of bringing and storing snacks inside the classroom’s cabinet. We also brought hot drinks like coffee or tea to class which we enjoyed our lessons and our lepak-ing with foods and drinks. We BOO when someone made silly/ cold jokes or did something silly. There were also times that some of you got argue with the teacher. And for the most of the times, we like to make fun of our teachers especially our Malay teacher. <- Minta Maaf ya, Cikgu! You know who you are. Haha!

Our class joined the inter-class football tournament which we won as second-runner up! Not bad for a class that majority play basketball. As for the basketball tournament, our class got champion. Thanks for registering my name in performing for teacher’s day that I myself had my 1st time experience dancing on the stage. We danced "tamparan wanita", "bunyi gitar" and "menuju puncak"! Gossh! All were AF, mun paham bisai… at that time; it’s the first season of Akedemi Fantasia Kali Ahh… HaHa! We had fun and the best performance on that day. Though I still feel “Malu” about the dancing’s performance. We had known as the “Aspirasi Family” by our neighboring class.

All those were histories and memories to us. What bout now? Lots of people got separated right after the graduation of each level in education. Some maybe going for further studies, attending other schools, start working or be a “ketua kampong”. Nowadays technologies are so high tech that we’ve hand phone that can call or sms, we got internet that can e-mail or msn. With just a will and a “click”, we now can have what we had lost for time being. Here’s what I got from the “Click”.

[Moments that we Aspirasi year 2003/2004 got together and had dinner in Rizqun International Hotel]

That’s the theme of the buffet that night.

Only the appetizers? Yong, where is the others? Err Err, we got there late. I’ll take others during my next visit there. =)

But I’ll get to take pictures with the aspirasi. Let me introduce all the kacak and the cantek!

First of all! The one with black shirt. That’s Sky a.k.a Ah-Yong! The only Chinese in the class. The one right beside is Murad a.k.a Murado. We’ve been as classmate since form2 and he’s my buddy in my secondary level too. We’re also the prefect in the school too! A friendly reliable one, we always there when there are duties. But also a “Salah Guna Kuasa Type” We always there because we want to skip class! Hahaha! -_-!!

That’s Farhan. Chilli Padi!

Amal a.k.a Panjang! She’s very tall. Shorter than me just a bit! She maybe tall and big size, but when she talks. Err Err -_-!! She’s my dance partner during the performance. Well, no one is taller than her other than me. Hahaha!

The one on the left, that’s Shikin a.k.a Pink! She like pink colours a lot that she carried pink bag, pink pencil bag, pink pencil case, pink mobile’s casing. Everything pink! What best describe these two. There are our candies’ supplier. 5days a week, every morning sure got candies at our table!

That’s Mawar. Our class’s big sister. She’s like big sister to us that she helps us out when we have problem. She advice us, she raise her voice when we’re too over. And she’s the head while quarreling with the teacher! Haha! And the guy on the right is Khairul, Mawar’s boyfriends. Thanks Mawar for the Bill that night!

Those are the one whom made it on that night. It’s okay if it’s only these much these time because it had broken the digit 0! Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama pun jadi bukit! =) Last time, we’re just a class of happy, playful, simple-minded, and some are naughty <- just like the two reliable prefects! Haha! But now, everyone had their own path to pursue. Some of attended UBD or ITB, some of you got out for further studies, some works for the Government, some works for the banks. It’s really nice to hear all these from you guys. Let’s us work hard towards what we pursuing. Wish success upon you all! Berusaha lah kawan-kawan saya, all the kacak-kacak and the cantek-cantek!

Rizqun got the themes for the month of August well planned. You all can ask for the flyers from the people in charge there. Then you can start to plan what themes you decide to go with your family, relatives or friends for dinner to celebrate birthday? Just a small gathering? Bringing your parents to enjoy a luxurious dinner? Everything also can. Remember, just a “Click” =)

This is for the month of July.

This is for the month of August. Ohh yeah, I won’t forget you. Thank you, Faizal! <- The person in charge there. U played a great host to me every time I visited there. V-_-V

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