Monday, July 21, 2008

“One Night Local Foods”

One year studied in U.K! A year which you explored new places, tried new foods, pursued higher level of education and also gained new experiences. This is the time that you leave home for a long time; this is the time that you miss your family, friends and home all the times. Haha! Other than attending school, you start the full responsibilities in taking care of yourselves that you have to do the chores in the house, wash clothes that you’ve wore and cook/ preparing foods for your tummy. In Brunei, mum always prepare fried rice/ noodles, porridge, kueh-mueh for us as breakfast. As for lunch and dinner, there is always 2-3dishes and 1soup served at the dining table.

In U.K, all the menus had changed because rice is not the staple food in there. Morning, you prepare yourself toaster, cereal, baked beans or maybe take away from the nearby fast foods restaurants. Instead of “RICE”, pastas, spaghettis, oven-baked foods start to be the daily foods for you. Everyday seems to be the same menu or cook till don’t know what to cook! Hahaha! Now you understand the greatness and the hardness of mum? =P

There are times that you miss your favorite dishes cooked by mums, aunts, uncles, grandpas, grandmas or maids. You wouldn’t miss out the Nasi Katok or Nasi Lemak in Brunei, Satay, Seria Kolomee or Keow Tiaw, Thiam Hock’s Fish head Curry, Char Siew Bun and … … There is one which lots of you must be thinking of all the time which is “Indofood Mee Goreng”! Or maybe “Maggie” Mee Curry Ayam! All those foods that you all, one by one start play inside your mind just like slide shows. Times had passed, slowly the craving of eating all these also got lesser and lesser because starts to get used to lifestyles there. In malay, we called it “Sudah Biasa Liao” Now, all of you had got back from U.K! Let’s us welcome you all back with “One Night Local Foods”. That’s the night which we had local foods’ feels and also a gathering together with you guys. It’s been so long that we don’t hang out together like what we did when we’re small before.

Let’s us begin our “One Night Local Foods

Location: Restoran Aminah Arif, where they serve “Ambuyat” a.k.a “Sago”

That’s ME and Andy deciding what to order for the night.

After the ordering, here it is… One by One serve to us!

Cendol! During the puasa time, we see “Cendol Temburong” everywhere we go. So which one is really the original “Cendol Temburong”?

“Candas” which use to take Ambuyat.

Cacah Belacan with Timon, Carrot and don’t know what veggie.

Cacah Ambuyat

That’s “Ambuyat”

Ikan Goreng. It’s very crispy! In English I called it “Deep Fried Fish”! =)

Telur Dadar

Sayur Pakis

Ayam Masak Merah

Tom Yam Sup

Sotong Masak Sambal

Here what’s we normally can’t find or order in Restoran Aminah Arif. But thanks to the workers there, you allowed us to bring these in! Thanks You!!! It meant a lot to us.

Satay Ayam, Daging and Kambing! =)

Done reporting about the foods! Let’s begin “Makan”!

Wee and Chee Hwa

Hwa eating Satay

WeeHeee! That’s ME! I sweat a lot that night! Really “SIOK” and “NYAMANKALI AHH! Haha

Jestina, Ming Hui and Jances

Then ME with the beauties of “One Night Local Foods”

That’s the Yen Tao of “One Night Local Foods”

The one with black shirt beside me is “Boon Jing”

After the main course, there is always “Desserts” that we made our second stop in I-Sweet, Giant Mall at Rimba. Every time I visited there, all the people there serve us with smiles and free foods! Thanks, I-Sweet! Keep it up!!!

I-Sweet Desserts Shop! RED concept!

Take attention on Wee; see what he did in I-Sweet that night.



Peace!!! -_-V

-_-!! At the end of the night, also PEACE!!!! By Wee! Majal jua geng. Haha!

That’s every one of us whom joined the “One Night Local Foods”, 6th July 2008.

Welcome back; Wee, Boon, Jances and Ming Hui! Enjoy till Puas-Puas before you all got back to U.K!

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