Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yoo gang! Finally, you’re back!

It’s already a year since you left us. We’re really SURPRISED and SHOCKED at the time you told us, you got scholarship to UK studying “Sport Science”. [Gossh! You know us, when it comes to study. Our habits hardly change.] We’ve been playful since we got together as classmates and tuition mates. We still had our own Gang back to the old days. It’s really funny though. Thinking of how childish and funny we’re. But it’s a nice childhood memories we had back then. We proud of you, man! Strike to success, yo!

The time you’re in UK, there always an extra seat when we had outing in eating. The voices around also got lowered. The laughter and the playful times inside the restaurant also got lesser. For the least, PEACEFUL is what people going to have. Haha! Now, everyone is going to Brunei for their holidays. And you told me that you’re not coming back cause your parents going to visit you. At that time, there was disappointment because it’s been a year didn’t catch up with you. Especially now when I have more free times compare to before! I felt suspicious too. You know your pattern. Like to kacau people. After gathering information, you still haven’t change. You want to surprise everybody but people in Brunei already knew you’re going to be back. Just don’t know when! Haha! Too bad, gang!

All we do here is waiting and waiting. One afternoon, there was a guy wore black spectacles and visited me who turned to be YOU! Haha. It’s really nice to have you back here.

That’s us in Brunei International Airport. Where we said take care to each other. That’s you a year before. Guess what changes now? You got

Taller? Fatter? Muscular? Bigger?

We don’t have any extra seating now. Instead of having enough seats in the restaurant, we had to add up chairs because there just aren’t us anymore. There is more! Anywhere we go, we filled the places with those loud voices and laughter we made. A days after you got back, we had our first dinner together. And you want to surprise Jestina. Haha! Too bad, she saw you in the Facebook! There is chance again next year, keep it up in surprising people there. Haha!

Had our dinner in Misato, Kiulap! Introducing the menu we had that night before I carry further more.

Fried Chicken Gyoza which I known it as Japan’s Wantan.

Japanese Fried Rice which only cost me $2.00. I once ever ate "Tycoon Fried Rice" in Gripps Café, Kiulap which in Chinese is 有钱人炒饭”. Feel so SIOK when I made my order. I was like “我要有钱人炒饭”. “I want TYCOON fried rice”. Feels like I’m rich when ordering it. haha!

Hey! It’s really Tycoon Fried Rice. I can eat 6plates of Japanese fried rice in Misato which I can eat for two days with 3meals each day instead of just one SIOK’s meal! Haha!

Back to Misato, Kiulap

Raw Salmon

Raw Octopus

Seasoned Jellyfish

Tamago, Japanese Egg Cake

California Maki

Smoke Salmon Nigiri

Baby Octopus! Thanks for the information, Wee! Eeee!

Finish with the foods. Ladies and gentlemen, here I present you. Ho Wee!

Yeah, you didn’t grow tall but u did grow fatter a bit lah! Muscular? Nehh! We’ll see again before you go back to UK. Your hair got longer just like the 2004’s Taiwan F4! What’s more steady is that your hair really “SMOOTH”! It will be great if you do modeling for those hair products. I enjoyed seeing the hair show video of yours. Haha!

Here I introduce you, Josh Goh Chee Hwa. A childhood friend of mine in CHMS.

That’s us when we got together! Playful like before. Grrr! <- One of my trademark’s pose! Haha. Or am I the BEAST? Eee!

Welcome back home, geng! Enjoy your times till the very best, not drink till the very best!

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Hungryduo said...

Big difference on Wee's hairstyles during the farewell at airport and current one hahahahahahaha

- Jesz <3