Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coffee That Makes The Difference! =)

A new year had started! It's the beginning in 2009 that students move into a higher level in education, some starting to save $$$ to have a big rest on vacation at the end of the year, people having new dreams, resolutions and goals that they're working hard on it. And one thing that we couldn't miss is that we're growing each days and years. New things to be discover, learn and overcome in 2009, and we might not as well forget what had happened in the past because past made today. What's right, we keep and share it. What's wrong, we learn from it and make improvements in it.

[Today comes from yesterday. Without the past, there may not be future!]

After a month of holiday in December 2008, school had started that one has to wake up early in the morning to ready for school instead of sleeping till noon. One may starts to studying for tests. exams and doing school works instead of watching favorite movies, gaming, sleeping and etc. One has to meet up with the teachers 5times a week instead of meeting friends or the other half. Fun time had ended and it's time to "Rock & Roll" for school! Hahaha. One may still in the holiday mood and need some time to get everything back for the beginning.

Usually at the end of the year, people will apply leaves to relax themselves after a year of hard works from the beginning that they go for vacation. They may spend it either with their families or friends. After a year of hard works and saving up much $$$. Why not a little bit of it spending in vacation as compliments for ourselves. Shopping & Traveling will be the first choice for everyone that one burns a hole in the pocket spending on their favorite things. Everyone is happy while spending the Christmas and the 2009 New Year Countdown. And now, everyone has to start working from the beginning till the end that going to take a long long time for another nice holiday in the end.

[Good things always come in patience, and things that are hard to be achieve/ obtain are things that we appreciate most!]

"Susah dahulu, senang kemudian" a malay's quote which is [Hardship at the beginning then relaxing at the end] Should be like that, sorry for the GOOD english that I have. Haha. Which mean working hard at first then enjoying in the end that is currently most of us are now! Working hard in works and schools in beginning of the year and having holiday in the end of the year. Other than enjoying in the end, it also can be having more hard works now is better than having it in the future time. To those who is studying or working, it's better that we suffer more now than suffering for the rest of the lives. How much will we gain in the future time is how much efforts we put in today!

Rest when we're tired but don't we stop.

COFFEE that makes the difference. Drink a cup of coffee that keep us awake. To those adults and old-men, drinking coffee is what they must have every time during their tea-times no matter when or where. Kopi-O Kao Kao will be their favorite choice, drink that made their day! =)

And me, I enjoy Kopi-O too but recently I enjoy more of these and at the same time, I got goal to reach too!

The Ice-Blended in Coffee Bean that will change you! I enjoy a lot every time I make my visit there which the drink taste so GOOD that makes you walk out from the cafe with smiles and laughs! Hahaha.

Because of the tastiness, I'm collecting all the Ice-Blended's menus that I left four more for my collection. Hahaha! Keep it up and still thinking of becoming the customer of the month. Muahaha. I asked the waitress there about the customer of the month thing and one has to visit coffee bean almost every day in the specific month to become one! a day $4.90 for a baby size, at least a hundred spent to be customer of the month. [When we want to receive, we have to give]

Say HI to my collection... Teeehehehehe.

Ice-Blended Peppermint Mocha (Left) Ice-Blended Mocha (Center) Ice-Blended Ultimate Mocha (Right)

Errmm.. What pose will I do these time? [25th December 2008]

Had the telephone thing on the 18th December 2008 and didn't manage to pose during the 22nd December 2008.

Taadddaaa~ One isn't enough here. I'd missed posing with the Ice-Blended on the 22nd, which means Double on the 25th. -___-!!

Statue of Ice-Blended Coffee!!! :)

Ice-Blended in Coffe Bean isn't just about the tastiness! It'll bring you Happiness too. Cheerss... That's me during the visit on the Christmas day. Made 3times visiting Coffee-Bean which was on the 18th, 22nd and 25th December. Am I eligible to be "Customer of the WEEK"? hahaha!

2008 had ended and I'm still not giving up the hope to be Customer of the Month! Had my visit on the 4th of January 2008 to top up my collection in Ice-Blended.

Ice-Blended Pure Chocolate on the left and Ice-Blended Black Forest on the right! Pfft!!! Seems like every cups do look the same in every pictures! haha. Describing and showing pictures are just not enough for Coffee-Bean, we have to try! [Belum try belum tahu, Sekali TRY... Hari-Hari mahu!] =P

Ice-Blended~ Another satisfied customer from COFFEE-BEAN!!! Hoorrayyy~

Let's have a good start for 2009 Coffee-Bean's Ice-Blended drink modeling... Hahaha!

Errr!!! -___-!!

Errr, Coffee-Bean! We'd done these much... So are we eligible to be Customer of the Month? or any compliment for me? Hahaha...

Ahh dehh dehh, just visited 4times. There is still a long journey for me, YONG though. There is one that bought more than 100cups in Coffee-Bean in a year and yet haven't get the chance to be one! And I'm still on the 4th times. Wosssh~ is there anyone TERASA? hahaha.

A little bit teaser before we bid a good bye in these entry in Coffee-Bean!!!

Ice-Blended isn't just about a drink. It'll changes the future world too!

Boooo!!! Arrrggghhhh!!! God, please save us!!! No worry, a cup of Ice-Blended will gets the job done! =)

See~ starting to be more friendly... That's just a few sip of Ice-Blended. Imagine the whole cup~

It turned into one fine looking young woman! That's why I gave the title "Coffee That Makes The Difference" for these entry. =)

Thank You Coffee-Bean!

And it's full moon on that night too!

HaHaHaHaHa... =)
Godspeed everyone out there in the 2009!

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