Thursday, January 29, 2009

The First Time

Every things start from its own very first time no matter it's a good or bad thing. From its first time, there starts the beginning of everything. Let's have a flashback on what we'd now, how do all those things come into us? Just POP out in front of us? There is the first time that we get to know it, the first time we get to come over it, the first time we start to like it, the first time we appreciate it.

Look around us. Families around us, we'll get to know them since the first time we came to these world that they took care of us, pamper us, feed us and etc. The first time our relatives and families members visited us in the hospital, that's the time that they started to know who we are. Then friends around us, look at those close one around us. How do we get to know each other? It's all started from the first time, maybe we attended the same schools, classes, tuition centers, joining the same outside activities' lessons and etc. From the first time, then we have our second time then third time that continue till what we are and what we have now.

The first time may always be the Sweet for everyone. Time beings, when challenges and obstacles start to come. That's the time we may start to taste Sour, Spicy, Bitter, Salty and etc. All those tastes are those that make meals taste yummy. Same thing to life that all these accumulates that make our life attractive...

And people that graduated from universities, colleges, schools and etc. It's all started from the efforts contributed and from the first time they attended their nurseries schools where they learnt their first alphabets and numbers. From learning A,B,C that makes them know words like inspiration, bravo, excellent, humble and etc. From learning basic number 1,2,3 and now they start to calculate accounts which involve millions in amounts! Don't look down at the first time, the first time that make what we are now.

When there isn't a first time, there wouldn't be thing happens after all. It'll just equal to 0.

Here's a little first time of mine before ending the year of rat! That time was two days before Chinese New Year and I'd met sour in my life that challenge is up ahead me that I've to go down Miri to take materials which is urgently needed. Because of Chinese new year, companies had closed that let everyone preparing for Chinese New Year so instead of waiting till next month, I have to go down and take the material which I can have it straight away. Was trying hard to find transport and helps. I thank everyone that didn't reject my requests and helped me heartedly! Thank You. Hehehe.

Such a coincidence that one of my cousin is going down to Miri because he's sending his fiance to Miri Airport to catch a plane home to Sarikei. He helped me in bringing me down and I helped him in accompanying him on the way back to Brunei so he's not alone while driving!

Harmony is about respecting, loving and helping each other out!

During the trip, I manage to make my first visit to Fratini, Miri Branch...

There is a lot of branches opened in Brunei, Why Miri? Biasalahh, Sky!!! Cheapskate lahh... Eat in Miri, Ringgit Malaysia costs a bit cheaper! Hahaha~ Hey, there is 50% discount in Fratini, Brunei too! So no worries, guess that the destiny of ME & Fratini just come. -___-!!

Fratini, the restaurant that first introduced and created in Brunei which is a Franchiser. A franchiser just like KFC or Pizza Hut that people train bruneians to prepare the dishes. And now we anak Brunei get to teach people out of Brunei in preparing the Italians Cuisine. Keep it up~

The first time that the Restaurant opened that grew and become famous now! If there weren't the first time in opening Fratini. There would't be Fratini today!!! Thanks to the founder~

The country's design concept for its interior and furnitures. Fratini have been one of the locals pick for dine in, hanging out or celebrating any occasions at there too!

Biasalah, supporting our local's product! But I had it in Miri... -_-!!

And for my first time visiting there, guess what I had...

Vegetarian Pizza!!!

Vegetarian Spaghetti!!!

Huhhhh!!! Eating vegetarian? Ah-Yong? Hehehe! It's my cousin and his fiance who are vegetarian. And for the first time I get to know that Fratini is not only for the carnivores. It also serves for the vegetarian too. How convenient it is~

And of course, I ordered a
Baked Chicken & Mushroom Pasta!!! And my cousin paid for the bill... How blessful I'm~ Cheeers!!!

Thanks to Han Jin & Elizabeth!

Me taking pictures with them...

And for my first time visiting there!!! Fratini had left me with good impressions that their services are good which the staffs are FRIENDLY & HELPFUL!!! And for my first time visiting there, I get to know its branch manager...

That's Mr.Bhong!!! Thank you~
Get to know a new friend is better than having a new enemy! When you want a smile, just smile and people will smile back to you too!

And it's wishing everyone "Gong Xi Fa Cai"!!!

After the meal, get to shop in one of the shopping complex there. After that, it's time to send Elizabeth to airport... And out of the blue, I found something that really turned me ON!!!

When we're in the right pace, guess that good things just come to us. For the first time I'd heard about the brand's name. I had always wanted to try it but it's only available outside Brunei!!! When we're not giving up, there is chance for us to achieve it. It's the time that proves everything.

And what could it be?

Starbucks? Starbucks Restaurant? Starbucks Boutique?

It's nothing other than the famous franchise coffee house, STARBUCKS COFFEE!!! It's recognized world wide that from the calculation in late march 2008. Starbucks has more than 16,226 stores world wide. Starbucks is founded by 3people who are Jerry Baldwin, [a english teacher] Zev Siegel, [a history teacher] and Gordon Browker, [a writer]

And me today, 24th January 2008. I managed to visit one of its store throughout the world in...
Malaysia, Miri Sarawak!!! =D

Hmmph, I do look like a tourist huhh!!! -_-!!

Let's look around the small outlets of Starbucks in Miri Airport.

Hmmph~ there are people queuing for Starbucks Coffee! Guess I have to make my move too... Slurppp...

What to order ahh here? Kopi "O" Kao Kao? Hahaha! Kopi "C"? -_-!! Ingat ini Chop Jing Chew ke? hehe

Let's have a collection of Ice-Blended in Starbucks as well! Haha, it will takes me years time to complete the collection... Hahaha!

Yeaaaahhhh!!! Ice-Blended Mocha with Chocolate drip! The first drink I tried in Starbucks! Yeeehhaaawww~ Coffee that makes the differences... :)

My cousin & his fiance. See the book's title, 7 habits of highly effective families! Wooo~ Biasalah, people is going to start his own family ahhh.. Let's have a practise in theories then practicals. =D

Don't know when is my next visit to Starbucks Coffee. Why not buying a small souvenier that can be keeps as memory! And that's what I spent for the trip in Miri. A cup of Ice-Blended & a souvenier cup! hehe.

And again, my first visit to Starbucks also gave me a good impression too! Guess nothing talks more than picture...

Say Hillooo to Alin, Thilla & Yanna. [From left to right] A group of Friendly & Cheerful Staffs they are... And the colour of my shirt does suit the color theme of Starbucks too! hahaha~

Thank you Starbucks!!! Even in a trip of settling challenges, there is SWEET in it too. It all depends on how we see things in life. It can be Spicy, Salty, Sour, Bitter or Sweet. Depend on how we want because in restaurant, we're the one that decide which food to be order to eat. If we want spicy, we order a Curry Mee! If we want sweet&sour, we order sweet & sour fishes! It's just as simple as these. =D

Aww... am I betraying Coffee-Bean? Hehehe. Nyeh~ Coffee-Bean still one of the hottest pick in my list to hang out. In Brunei, Let's have Coffee-Bean, In Malaysia, Let's have Starbucks. When there are two in a same place. Let's have TWO instead. hehe.

Chinese New Year is around the corner at that time. Every where is wishing everyone a Happy Prosperous Ox Year!!! Wishing everyone a good health, wealth, love and best of all upon you! =D

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