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KFC = Kampong Fighting Centre ???

[KFC] What does one thinks of when these word comes across? During my time in the elementary level, we had all those short forms that "STP" stands for [Si Tua Pui], "BTC" stands for [Boh Tak Ceh], then we also had "LPPL", "CCB", "CBK"! That's was me in the past using all those short forms and even now I'm still using it. Instead of those, I have "KNS" stands for [KaNaSai]. Then my friend, Joyce upgraded version KNS and taught me "KNN" which is [Kan Ni Nia] From there, me and the gang had discovered a few new short form which are "KL" = [Kuai Lan], "KB" = [Kambang], "GL" = [Gong Lan]. Hmmph, still those that use to curse people. Why not something friendly? Okie... "143" stands for [I Love You] How sweet it is. Hehe.

Then "KFC" at that time was [Kampong Fighting Centre] to us. And then the RTM2 had TV's programme that showed every Sunday morning was Kid's Fun Club that broadcasted Looney Tunes' cartoons for the kids! That's was all in the past. What is "KFC" nowadays? In Happy-Stop, KFC stands for "Kentucky Fried Chicken"

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken!

One of the Brunei's Families choice in fast-foods. What's so special about KFC that still catch those customer's heart until today? It's the blends of 11herbs and spices' secret recipe that only a handful of people know that multi million dollar recipe and each is obligated to strict confidentiality by contract. Because of that recipe that make the Fried-Chicken's special that only we can taste it in KFC. And what do we know about KFC? Most of us only know the menus and the slogan of KFC which is "It's Finger Lickin' Good" [Sedap Sehingga Menjilat Jari]!

The slogan of KFC!

We had invested lots of money and times into KFC, enjoying eating all those foods. Memorizing the name of the menus, collecting the gifts that provided, trying the new menus introduced or served, queueing in a long queue in order to make an order. We had done much as a supportive loyal customers, and there is one thing that we'd missed. How much do we understand KFC? Do we know the story behind KFC? Who's the founder of KFC?

KFC had done so much for us that they serve tasty, crispy fried-chickens, they keep introducing new menus to us, they bring happiness to us. And it's time that we do a little in return to them which we learnt the story behind KFC. Earning our money is not what they want because earning our heart will be more meaningful! =)

Here we go in learning the history of KFC! The founder was Harland Sanders that born in 9th of September 1890. He's everywhere that we can see him as the Logo of KFC. He had to take care his siblings at the age of six because his father had passed away that forced her mother had to enter the workforce to support the family. Because of these, Sanders had done much cookings for his family which from there he's developing his cooking skills. As he grew older, he held jobs ranging from streetcar conductor to insurance salesman. But throughout it all, his skill as a cook remained.

In 1930, 40years old Harland Sanders opened his first restaurant in the small front room of a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. Sanders serves as station operator, chief cook and cashier and names the dining area "Sanders Court & Café." After years of hardworks and recognition from the customers that he's known as COLONEL KENTUCKY by the governor of Kentucky. As his business grow, he adds a motel and expands his restaurant to 142 seats. There is still a big room for improvement in frying all those chickens that he found a new way to fry the chickens in a short time which is using the pressure cooker to fry it.

A lot of time spent experimenting using the pressure cooker to produce fried-chickens fasters and fresh. Colonel Sanders had successfully found a way that produces the best chicken that he'd ever tasted and what we've come to know as "Kentucky Fried Chicken" was born in 1940.

The original recipe of KFC's chicken.

The spicy recipe of KFC's chicken.

And later, confident with the quality of his fried chicken. Colonel Sanders devoted himself to develop his franchise business by traveling towns to towns and his hard works pay off. In within 10years time, Sanders had 600 KFC franchises. That's how KFC first started to grow and in 1964. He sells his interest in the U.S company for $2million dollars to a group of investors and KFC still grow rapidly until today.

Until he was fatally stricken with leukemia in 1980 at the age of 90, the Colonel Sanders traveled 250,000 miles a year visiting KFC restaurants around the world. And because of Harland Sanders, we had all these today. People that enjoy KFC a lot and Kids that love KFC so much.

And to KFC in Brunei, the first KFC's outlet that opened in Brunei was in 1992. It's opened at Plaza Athirah, Seri which is at the opposite of Soon Lee now.

That's what I had at that time while eating those in the first branch of KFC in Brunei.

And Josh had these.

Just a couple pieces of chickens that made us smile. Imagine when it comes with BUCKET!!!


Mash Potatoes with Gravy Sauce

Potato Wedges

Family Feast Combo A! 9pieces of chickens! Imagine how much happiness we can have~ Yippeee!!!

Hahaha! That's me taking picture with Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC! And another point why KFC still win everyone's heart till now.

KFC = Kampong's FOREVER choice! =)

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