Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thought Of The Night! [14-01-09]

The long journey ahead us. How far have we go? When will we reach our destination? How much have we learn?

No one knows except us. We're the driver of our own who choose the path we want to go and how we want to reach it. Just keep driving, we'll reach to it someday. Life's like driving a car, when we're too fast or rush. We'll get a FINE ticket or we pass by the junction we want to enter. When we're too slow, people at the back will talk something bad. The faster we go, the more dangerous we'll get in driving. Drive with an appropriate speed that not only bring safety to ourselves but also to the people around us.

[Biarkan Lambat Asalkan Selamat]

It's the beginning of the year, everyone still have a long one to go. One step by one step, we'll reach to the top. One kilometer by one kilometer, we'll reach the destination too. Keep driving and don't stop unless it's a red light. Hahaha! =D

Happy-Stop wish everyone have a safe and lively journeys these year!

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