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FM2's Project, December 2008

On the 14th December 2008, it's a sunny day on Sunday that a project named FM2 was carried out in Brunei. FM2? What big project could it be? FM2, sound like radio channel. Is it a new channel had introduced to the listeners? Or could it be [F]ish [M]arket 2 that going to be build in our town?

Hmmph~ So far till now, there aren't any news reported about the new radio channel or the new Fish Market here. What could it be? FM = Financial Marketing? Fitness Move? Nehh... When it comes to Happy-Stop, FM stands for FOOD MARATHON. FM2 = Food Marathon 2, a new food-hunting adventures since the FM1 in Seria & Kuala Belait. =D

The first crew and also the creator of FM. [31/08/09]

[From left to right: Joshua, Geoffrey, Andy, Jestina, Yung Shin & Ho Wee] That's the one that first planted the seed of Food Marathon. And there is...

ME too that is part of the FM1. [Hey gang, eventhough you're not in Brunei. You still show up here. You're not missed out in Happy-Stop! Eiseh. Haha!] Please don't buy me keychain when you're back lah. Hahaha. Rupanya got something in behind. (Udang di sebalik batu) =P

Everything always break from ground zero that we build a building from an empty land. When we comes to these world, we come with empty handed. Trees grow from those small seeds that planted into the soil. Things doesn't come in a whole, we have to put efforts in it to make things happen. How much we put is how much we'll get!

During the school's holiday in December 2008, Jes [author of food-hungry] had an idea of having food-marathon with her school's mate. Time to enjoy themselves after the long weeks in preparing and having exams. That's when the project of FM2 starts, that's when FM going to be taken into a higher level, that's when FM starts to grow.

The people that joined the FM2's project! From 7people increases to 12people. What about FM3? Maybe we're going to rent a bus to bring us there and here~ Hahaha. -__-!!

How to make things happen? Still the theory of 4wives and 1husband that make things work. It usually takes up a long time in preparing things that may only uses a short time to present it. Just like doing school project, one may takes a week time in preparing the information that he/she may uses maybe 30minutes to present the following presentation. Same thing here that 2weeks before the FM2, Jes was busying readying and planning that a lot of things that need to be think. The places to go, the people who joins, time to meet up, transportation and a lot more. Things just won't POP out in front of us.

[There aren't free lunch in the world]

Every efforts sure does paid off! FM2 was a success event organized that everyone are enjoying the marathon and all the times. Let's see the efforts done that Jes brought to us, how things turn out to be fair that how much we get is from how much efforts we put in. Life's always fair that even maths also tells us. 1 + 1 is always equal to 2. It'll never be 3, 4 or -1.

So the passengers out there, ARE YOU READY? Please fasten your seat belts because Happy-Stop & FM2's Crew are here going to bring you have a BLAST food-marathon's trips around Brunei-Muara District. Food-Marathon 2 isn't all about eating different types of foods in different areas. It also includes the FUN & PEACE that each of us get in BRUNEI.

Camera 1 ROLLING!!! ACTION...

Scene 1. Location: Popular Restaurant at Seri.
Popular Restaurant, an Indian cuisine restaurant that is located at Seri. Just beside the Golden Leaf Restaurant and Red Leaf Restaurant. A Mamak restaurant usually famous for its Roti-Kosong. We decided to have the first stop here to have the engine warmth up by visiting these restaurant because it sure make your eyes open up! =D And these restaurant was visited by his majesty few years back!

The Roti-Kosong that everyone loves to have a bite on it...

Nasi Briyani Kambing and the Kuah Curry. Is it the curry sauce that is very hot which wakes people up? Tettt... Wrong... Then what could it be?

It's the DOSAI!!! Hmmph, look quite normal here. Is it the sauce again that plays the part?
It's not the sauce, It's the SIZE.

a dosai or a wooden bat?
0_0!! Really got you up when size these BIG is serves in front of you! Woah...

Chun Jing there measuring the length of the Crispy Dosai with his hand and arm. Guess that you need a measuring tape. Hahaha.

Had our little warming up there, the main intention for the crew to go there is to open big eyes see the world [大开眼界] that a lot want to see how gigantic is the dosai in Popular Restaurant. CUT!!! Scene 1 done, let's move to scene 2.

Scene 2. Location: A small noodles shop located inside Jln.Tutong.
A lot of BOWLS here. What restaurant could it be? The restaurant that serves secret recipe's soup? Opps, it should be a small canteen instead of restaurant that is known as Ocean Quarry or Bee Seng Quarry by the public. It does not serves other menus other than KOLO and they are famous for its KOLO...

WanTan Soup


And I had KoloMeePok on that time. The small canteen is hidden inside the Simpang that I forgot its number. -_-" Here is a popular spot for the contractors and workers on the daily times because inside the same junction there is cements' factory, hardware shops and also Bee Seng Store i guess. And during Sunday, those contractors and workers may bring their families there to have their breakfast and we can see quite lots of familiar faces on there too. =D

Okie! That's the group photo for the FM2's project in Ocean Quarry KoloMee. That fast? Completing 2scene only for the Food-Marathon? Should sound more like Food-Jogging instead of marathon lah... Aiyorrr, Where steady like that?

No worries, How can we end without ME in the group photo...So the show's still going on~

Scene 3. Location: Simpang 66, Kilanas.

Another junction that had hidden canteenS! Why there is S? It means plural, more than 1! In the Simpang 66, we can find two canteens there that one is selling non-halal and the other one is selling halal one. Also the spot that lots of contractors and workers will visit during the daily times to have their breakfast and lunch. The lunch there, we can take as many white rice as we want when we're ordering the economic rice and the waitress will take the foods for us. And the soup too, we can take as much as we can and we can have free flow of hot/ warmth chinese tea and water. That's what we can have in halal side. Woo~ What a good service we have there. The foods there is slightly cheaper compare to restaurants because it's canteen and the expenses is not as high as the restaurants.

There aren't much review here about the hidden secret in Spg. 66. Will make the stop the in the future if have the chance. That's a bit information that I can get for you here and you guys can go for a try. We won't know how is the thing works till we participate it. Gambateh!

WaTanHo from the Non-Halal Canteen. The crew was not ordering foods here because they are stand by for something JUMBO in the end. [好戏还在后头] So everyone just order soft drinks to cool down... What's the Jumbo that mention here? Been to three scenes already, they sure really can eat huhhh! Okie, let's take 15!!!

Aww..what does that mean? In making movie, there is always a short break for everyone to relax a while, having some foods and drinks, teatimes and etc. But in Happy-Stop, take 15 is also a break but we don't having some teatimes. Take 15 is we go relax ourself and get ourself ready to eat in the next scene. HAHAHA! -_-"

While having our break, we had our fun in Hua Ho Bunut shopping and playing.
Eating Dairy Queens Ice-Cream...

And ME! What'd I done there? Why so exciting here?

That's because I broke my own record in Basketball Shooting Game in arcade. I hardly reach 200+ pts every time. Until that day! Must be the DOSAI and the KOLOMEEPOK! Hahaha. -_-!!

First of all, I want to thanks Joshua, Andy and Jestina because you guys always waiting for me when I'm playing these. [I'm only reached 230 and haven't beat the record there. What if one day I break the record there?] What will I do? By that time I'll be VERY exciting that maybe I'll...
Simply Hug the people around? That be dangerous of ME! Hahaha! 200+ points only allows to hug Ultraman and taking pictures with Ultraman!
BbbbzzZZzZZ!!! Emiting the power! -_-"

We're a Team...

But it's not dangerous as these!!!
HaHaHaHaHa!!! That's how actors and actress always got into news. Always creating head news to do publicity.

OKAY!!!Break time is over, Let's continue our shooting!

Scene 4. Location: MOD Cafe.
Located in Jln. Jerudong. The shop is just the neighbor of the Shell Petrol Station in Jln. Jerudong. Can be visible from the roadside. It serves Thai Cuisine. The decoration of these cafe is nice and modern. The ambience there is nice and relaxing too, what a nice place to dine in with family during parent's day, family's members birthday, any occasions, to bring the loves on there and etc.

Muay Thai, thailand's boxing which the boxer will dance the culture boxing dance before having the fight. That's for Muay Thai! What about for having Thai's food? Is there any culture dance before we proceeds the rest?

Yes, It is!!!
That's me AGAIN!!! doing the culture thai's food dance. -__-!! Hehehe.

And where's my RING? haha.

The outside of the restaurant, should be the smoking zone!

The inside of the restaurant, the non-smoking zone!

The gambling zone! Pai Kao!!! Hahaha. Just joking, these is for decorations only. =D

Definitely a nice place to dine in. The surroundings are nice... Everything are nice! What about the foods? Can't wait to try...

Let's order!
SaWaDiKap!!! Khap Khun Khap! What is the favorite picks here,khap!!! Hahaha!

I'm hungry after the scene in break in Hua Ho Bunut... I want foods!!! I want drinks!!! Foods and Drinks! :)

Clicks~ 1,2,3! Khap Khap Khap!!! Sir, here's your drinks and foods! Khap Khun Mak!!!
Green Apple Juice!

Longan Juice!

Ma-A-Roi!!! = Very Delicious...

Kueh ChaChap!!!

The rice that comes in LOVE shape! [Phom Rak Khun]

Tom-Yam Soup!!!

Goreng Sambal Sayur Pakis

Thai Fish-Cakes

Salad Prawns

Thai Pandan Chickens

Seafoods Curry in Coconut shell!!! That's what we had in the MOD on that day. There are still lots of menus to be discovers and tries. We here had open up the road, and you all are the one that walk on it... =D

Here come the Exciting part!!! Hahaha. During that time, Mr.Andy's birthday is around in the corner that a suprise attack was chip into the FM2's project to suprise Mr.Andy. But in the end, I'm the one that got Suprise... Jes & Andy, you both knew what happened lah horrr! Hahaha!

Happy 23rd Birthday!!!

Bet that these is the hardest cake that you ever cut!!! Hahaha! =D

It's nearly around 4 plus pm in the afternoon when we finished at MOD cafe! Had lots of fun there, maybe let's call it a wrap for the FM2's project! But before that, let's have a group photo.

Take One! a formal pose. Just like in the CHMS in the past that one class are allow to have one formal shot and one informal shot! haha. So here introducing the people in FM2!

Above [left to right] Fa Wei, Chun Jing, Vincent, ME, Andy, Chee Yon, Alister
Bottom [left to right] Siaw Ling, Qiu Jie, Jestina, Wei Wei, Esther See

Take 2! an informal one!!! Hehehe!

Hey hey!!! It's not the end yet~ There is the best for the last yet! And director is not shouting "CUT" camera still rolling!!! Okay, crew! Let's move to scene 5! =D Well, everyone is having a nice time that we want to try one more place before we call it a day. So let's have a nice place to chill out... Plan to go to CountryPatch but it's full that we finally made our stop in...

Scene 5. Location: Daan Forees Cafe, Kiulap
It's located opposite block of Excapade Sushi in Kiulap. Not the opening soon Excapade Sushi in Kiulap! It's a modern concept cafe that is a nice place to chill in. And let's see what drinks ordered on that day...


Ice-Lemon Tea

Sakura Layers

Lime Juice

Ice-Blended Banana

Picture of the day in Daan Forees Cafe!!! Hahahaha!

"CUTTTT!!!!" That's all the scenes for the Project FM2. Let's call it a day and that's a wrap! Everyone contributing to make all these happen. Everyone make all the scene lovely and fun. Everyone did a great job there in finishing the FM2 Project... And all of us didn't spend much on all the 5scenes because unity is strength. The more people join, the less that we pay due to the ratio...

It's easy to break one stick of chopstick, but when 10sticks of chopsticks gather together. It'll a hard time to break those chopsticks!!! Thanks to you all for making these FM2 solid rock & roll! =D

There is always celebration for a success... How could we miss it in here too!!!
Happy 23rd Bday Andy! & Congrats to FM2 CREW!!! Yeah~ We made it!!!

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