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Our Home's Treasure

[Brunei Darussalam] The place where I born and grown up! I still remembered the first time I get to play internet, the first instant messenger's program used are ICQ or mIRC instead of the famous MSN messenger nowadays. At that time, I'll get to search people far from our country and get to chat with them. When they asked me, where do I come from? I answered "BRUNEI"! At that time, lots of people doesn't know where BRUNEI is and what country is that? It's was back into the 90s at that time. Rememeber the tone of the ICQ? [Ahh Owww!] haha!

Brunei Darussalam is a small country that can be found on the Borneo Island which is next to SABAH. It has 4Districts which are the Brunei-Muara, Tutong, Temburong and Belait District. And each district is well known for its own delicacies. As the time grows, BRUNEI DARUSSALAM also grows and now is a well-known country throughout the world!

[Syabas lah, anak-anak Brunei!]

We're achieving into a higher level each years. We now have Hotel that is recognised by the world, we had upgraded our roundabout from 2-lanes to 3-lanes. Haha! Instead of shopping centres, we now have shopping mall! It may still small compares to others but everything has its beginning. The Mall, Gadong is the beginning of the growth of Shopping Mall in Brunei. We Bruneians don't have to pay to watch Micheal Jackson's concert. Haha!

We may not have skyscrapers! We may not have JUMBO shopping mall that can't be shop finish in a day! We may not have Pub, Bar, Lounger, Disco Tech but we have K-Box. Haha! Alchohol hardly found here, we may not have Casino, Disneyland, Lagoon, Burger King, Starbucks and etc.

[Brunei - Kingdom Of Unexpected Treasures]

BUT we had Oil & Gas. The prices of the petrols aren't that high compares to others. We have our own water plantation in Kg.Layong which the bills of water aren't that expesive too. Same goes to the Electric's bill. We have Kampong Ayer [Water Villages] which people came all the way to visit it. We're famous for the GREEN because we are surrounded by those natural forest instead of skyscrapers around. Country is taking good care of the people that education, health, wealth are supported. Students get paid in study instead of paying for study. Houses and Lands are given by his majesty. Everyone's living in a better standard of living compare to other countries.

What makes Brunei more special compares to others? It's the PEACEFUL that everyone can get. We don't hear robbing, stealing, killing, fighting, riot everyday on the news! We don't have to shut down our car's engine while we're buying things in Kedai Runcit. Handphones and Wallets are put on the table when people's hanging outside. The door/gate of the house is not close during the daytime. The goldsmith's shops in Brunei are not protected with aluminium/metal grills. With an dollar, we can eat a packet of rice that serves with Fried-Chicken & Sambal.

There's a lot more about Brunei and most of us see our country in a negative way that we don't have these and that instead of appreciating what we had already had and what we're going to have and started to abandon all those nice things around us in BRUNEI. Well, let's Happy-Stop show the you guys about Brunei and what we have here. At the same time, it can remind us of how lucky and happy we are living as a Bruneian. It will takes months/years to build a house or building that people starts from bits to bits. Each day a small portion of cements that eventually build up a nice house.

Same things here, we can't talk about Brunei in a day time. We'll need a lifetime to talk about Brunei because it'll keep growing and growing that create more stories as time passes. Let's discover the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures with Happy-Stop time to time.

Let's begin from... Err???

Let UltraYong shows you one of the treasure in Brunei Darussalam that also the local's favorite pick. Hmmph~ See the lighting at the back? Where can it be?

It's a place where me and one of my friend that like to visit. The place where we can hang out till late night, a place where we share each other stories, thoughts, expressions and all those. A place where serves variety of foods and drinks. A place where famous for its Barbecue Wings, Tongkeng, Fishes, ABC, Coconut Drink and our local cuisines.

There are no other place other than the "PASAR MALAM" [Night Market]. We had 2pasar malams in Brunei that one is at Pasar Gadong and another one is at Bandar Seri Begawan, near to St.George's church. We do have JUMBO pasar malam which is known as "Perayaan" that is only available in the month of July during his Majesty's Birthday that ... ...

Platform is build for performances by the locals to entertain the people.

People can dine-in in Pasar Malam instead of buying the foods and drinks to home!

Balloons selling along the stalls.

During the normal day, the only Pasar Malam that we can dine-in is the Pasar Malam in Bandar Seri Begawan that is known as "Tamu-Selera".

Business are still ON eventhough it's raining cat & dog. Hahaha! Last time it used to be an open-area that the staffs is busy setting up the camp when it's raining. Technologies is getting better and better that handphones come with many function. Same to us too, we want to get improve instead of staying back in the past.

And Pasar Malam had got upgraded that they not only built Camp but also...

Have LCD Flat Screen TV with good stereos for the customers to enjoy their meals more. Hahaha!

Whats make Pasar Malam that special are the FOODS & DRINKS. In here, we can order...

The Barbecue Corner that barbecue Wings, Tongkeng and Fishes.

The Satay Corner

Stalls that sell Fried-Mee, Mee Hon, Keow Tiaw, Fried Foods, Variety of Dishes and etc.

We may not have Burger King, but we have LOVELY ROTI JOHN.

The drink's stall and the famous pick here is...

Fresh Coconut Drink! Spell Coconut. C-O-C-O-N-U-T. "kiss your girlfriend let me see" Pfft. What I had during my elementery level. =)

The ready-made coconut drink ordered from the stall.

Fresh fishes sell there too at night? Don't have to worry the next morning got no fishes to fry! haha. Just kidding, it's not fish market here. It's the fishes for Penggang!

Let's see the process of how penggang fish is make.

Adding SAMBAL at it... Cover it for a while and after all those patience given.

Sambal Ikan Penggang. Cost $6, was $7. Was bargaining with the staff! Hahaha. Cheapskate Yong! =P

The Fried-Mee from one of the stall.

The $1 food that mentioned earlier and it's known as "Nasi Katok"

The EGG BURGER from Lovely RotiJohn Stall. Hahaha! So nice and tasty. It only cost us $1.00 too. Hehe. These one no bargaining ahh! =P

Woah!!! So happy!!! So many nice foods to eat. Which to eat first? Hmmph?!?! The burger or the mee?


I can have both at the same time... Arrrgghhhh!!!! :o
[You Don't Like Me When I'm HUNGRY!!!!] Hahaha. Thanks to Adrian for these! haha!

Okay... till next time again, I'm going to start busy with the Foods! haha... -__-!!

We're be proud of BRUNEI...

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