Friday, January 9, 2009

The Seed That Planted Starts To Grow...

17th December 2008, that's the second time that I walk into you again after a long time wandering outside.

Can anyone recognize the one with the white hair? Teeheeehee~ Oppss...

This time, you leave me with deep impressions. I fell for you since that very moment which you not only bring us tastiness but also joys and happiness. Some time you'll just POP out into my mind which makes me craving about you again and again.

Ice-Blended Mocha

You made me found new aims/goals to achieve toward you.

First would be collecting all the Ice-Blended Drinks in the menu. I had done with all the mocha flavor and now left with non-mocha flavor. A few more steps in getting things done. =)

Here's a top-up into my collection of Ice-Blended.

Ice-Blended Sunrise

Second would be becoming the "Customer of the Month"? It seems that these will take a longer time to become one because becoming the top one needs lots of times, patience, efforts to be done, how persistent we are and etc. Well, a little more cash spent also.

[No Pain No Gain] :p

I don't know when I can reach but I'll keep trying till that day because I know you all are out there watching us and wait to award the one that really puts something in you.

I'm here who still crawling with my dearest comrades and our hard works is not wasted because you started to know us! =)

Previously was a stranger that you don't get to know my name.

Today I got my own name on the drinks that I ordered. [Eisehhh!]

And I got recognition and a small encouragement from you. Haha! Today a "Pink Card" and next time a "Free Ice-Blended Drink". Time to time a title of "Customer of the MONTH"! Hahaha. I'm still putting hope in it. v[^-^]V

Life couldn't be that tasty without you.

Thank You Coffee-Bean and to those that had walk with me for all these time! I sounded like I'd won the title. Muahaha!

Swooshhh! I got to "Gambateh"

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