Monday, February 2, 2009

See You Again!!! Best Of All & Take Care

Guess that you must be having your rest on the plane right now? A rest after a short but enjoying vacation you had in the island of Borneo? Or a rest after receiving tons of ang pao? Or having a rest that charges up your energy for SHOPPING later? Hahaha!

It's a short stay you had here in Brunei then you're off to Sarawak for the Chinese New Year! Then at the time you're back from there and at the same time, you're also on your way to Brunei INTERNATIONAL Airport to catch your plane back to Australia... Foo~ That's fast.

Who's the one that the author talking about? Did the author manage to meet that person? Please... please not end it with a sad ending~ Hahaha! -__-!!

A year ago [2007], both of us talked that by the time you got back here. We should go out makan, meeting up old friends, these and that which we exchanged contact number and you told me your address. By the time you got back here, still managed to talk to you through phone but in the end didn't have the chance to go out! I'd missed the chance and you got back to Aussie.

Then same thing happened again [2008], we're chatting that we should go out makan, meeting up old friends, chilling around, these and that when you're back to Brunei. And I get contact number from you again and your address too! Pfftt... How sincere I'm in bringing you out! hahaha~ No wonder the plan failed last year! hehehe~

Okay, I'd learnt from my mistake. And from the mistake learn, we all grow! Same thing for you too... Don't be afraid of losing, don't be afraid failing, don't be afraid of falling because when we fall, we learn how to stand and got stronger and stronger!!! =D

And we managed to have our small hang out in Keboy, Jln.Tutong! A foodstall that's quite near to your place. And Me, Jes & Andy got nice and memorable experience in finding up your address! hahaha~ Sorry, it's my bad though!!!

And after living there for decades, you don't know that place is famous and hot for its

Nasi Lemak

A foodstall that the Cucur serves in Fresh & Hot!!!

Cucur Ubi Manis

A place where they have combination of serving fast foods' menus too!!!

Keropok Lekor

Roti John, they serve burgers too!!!

And a place where I'll stop for its...


Let's have the drink that makes the nice recipe for the place & the tasty foods there!!!

Teh Tarek India & Teh Tarek Biasa...

Too much of Coffee will keeps us awake! Too much of alcohol will makes us drunk! Too much of Cola can cause diabetes! Too much cold water can gets us sick! Too much of water makes us visit toilet numerous time! And too much of Teh Tarek? What can it does?

Too much of Teh-Tarek will gets you in mutation!!! Arrrggghhh~ [You don't like me when I'd lots of TEH TAREK!!!] -__-!! Hahaha!!!

And that's Jestina on the left, author of Food-Hungry & Yung Ching on the right, the one mentioned above...

Though it's just a short outing we had there, it's a nice one that first of all we made it happened these time. We at least had maybe 2 hours plus of outing and we had none before! It broke 0! Last year we get to chat and talked through the phone and these time, we managed to sit down at the same table and talking to each other.

Things just get better and better as we put efforts in it and try it. All the hard works sure do paid off. As long as we contribute in, there'll be an outcome! I think you'll understand these because you'd gone through all these all by yourselves. You tried hard for your studies that you willing to stay extra times to do your works, researchs, projects and etc. You willing to sleep less a day that you'll use that extra times in completing your school works, preparing for the exams and etc. Of all the hard works contributed, the stress that everyone suffered, the sacrificing and now you're going to graduate. [No pain no gain huhh] Hehehe. The seed that you plants had now grow into a fine beautiful flower!

Congratulation to you on your graduation day! A boat that don't has its direction to go still reachs its destination one day, as long as there is one keep rowing and rowing! Maybe the first stop may not the one, but at least the one does learn something new and valuable from the first stop that he/ she may found out new things. Then continue its expedition again, keep rowing, experiencing and learning till the one found the stop to settle down. Till that time, the boat may be full of treasures! haha! We're all just like the boat that it's the time for us to explore the new places, discovering the new things, learning new things because the journey up ahead us still long. And our treasures are Knowledges & Experiences!

Keep going foward and you'll find your stop one day! Take care & see you next year! We wait you to share your expeditions with us next year! hahaha!

[Next year, stay longer huhh!!! Hahaha.] 加油哦!

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