Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy 2009 New Year!!!

Celebrating Christmas is just not enough that even the Christmas' song we have these... [We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and the HAPPY NEW YEAR!] Didn't had enough FUN during the X'mas celebration? Didn't get to try the barbecue in the X'mas' eve? Missed the Party? Missed the celebration during the X'mas? Don't worry there because we still have New Year Eve Countdown to 2009!

One year we got 365 days. How much had we started and done in these 365 days? There are going to be a whole LOTS of things can be done. Each day saving $1, in the end of the year we can get $365. Time travels fast, a day 24hours some time aren't enough for us because there is a lot of things that need to be done for us. There is time that we think we have too much times and don't know how to spend it. All these depends on the workloads and moods of us!

How far had we traveled so far these year? A 10km from the departing points of pursuing what we want? We had made 10steps in achieving what we dream of? It's good that we had started. Even though it's a small distance, we at least knew what we want and how to move forward. There are people that still stuck in the middle of nowhere and don't know which way to approach! When the goal is clear, the way to achieves it also clear. Just like finding address, when we have a clear stated address. Isn't it easy for us to find that specific area? If we only have the address stated only the house number and the kampong's name! How we going to find the actual house and we'll just keep making a circle around in searching. So are you still moving around yourself and searching for what you want for yourself?

Some time we may know what we want. And then once we started to strive or in middle of moving towards it, that may not be thing that we really want. We started to meet obstacles and find it hard to achieve it. That's the time that we start to give up. It's not the matter of is that what we really want, it's the matter of how persistent we are. When obstacles ahead are hard to overcome, people may start to escape it instead of overcome it. That's the time that we start to give up in what we're doing. When times like this, what are we do? Think back! Think back at the starting point, think back why we choose this path at first. Think back why we want to do this at first! Think back what motivates us at first! Think back how our heart feel and burn at the very first time in doing all these! It's because we had forget all those that make us difficult to carry on. If we're persistent enough, even knocking one door to one door in finding that specific address. We'll get the actual house too in the end! It's just the matter of times. =)

Then we'll make mistakes too in achieving what we're doing. Some is afraid of doing mistake that they choose escape or got stuck right in the middle. Don't we afraid of making mistakes or what, remember how we grew up into a fine man/ woman today. Remember the times when we got over from something, remember the mistakes that we ever make, Didn't all these made us grow that all those had taught us, all those had showed us ways, all those had made of what we are now. Instead of afraid or dislike it, we shall be proud of it! Hahaha~ When we're learning how to ride a bicycle, we'll fall down quite numbers of times before we really master it. Same thing here! Getting lost in finding way is not a big problem, the big problem is that when we got lost, we don't know how to find the way out. =)

2009 is up ahead us! Then 2010, 2011,2012 and so on. What are we at those time? What are we at those time depend on what we do now. When we haven't found one, keep searching for it. When we have one, don't give up and go for it. When we're going for it, don't afraid of it! Keep it up in moving forward and we'll achieve victory in the end!

Here's a little warm-ups for 2009!
Impossible is Nothing [Adidas]
Just Do It [Nike]
Everything Is Possible When We Try [Happy-Stop]

That's Mr. Andy! He liked reading superheroes' comics when he's small and thinking to be one at that time. One day, he woke up and found that he has the abilities of Superman which he starts to achieve his dream and became our hometown hero today fixing the Network for us! Making sure that we have the fastest speed everyday in Internet! YEAH~ Hahaha! Happy Birthday to you in one day time.

Jestina who likes travelling that instead of spending $$$ in tickets and to those shops selling. Why not invest all of it that she went to test for flying license and passed it! Now, she flew herself throughout the world with her own personal plane. Hahaha!

Josh, a fine looking one with good personalities that joined the WMP = World's Magnificient People. Hahaha! And won the first place! =P Then because of the kindness, beautiful, elegance, generous, caring, lovely and those positive characteristics that every one love. Josh got married with one of the billionaire in the world and Josh is enjoying lifes now. Living in a mansion, having breakfast after having a swim in the house's park, driving all those luxurious' cars, shopping all the times, traveling here and there and so on so on! Life's beautiful just like Josh! Hahaha.

Hwa, don't worry there! you're not alone here! =P

Wee, dreaming of becoming model when grown up that he always have the best pose around us while taking picture. One day, he signed himself up for a modeling training and worked REALLY hard in becoming one! Yes, can see that he's really putting everything into becoming one. All the hardworks sure paid off that he's the BRUNEI NEXT TOP MODEL first season's champion. He's busy shooting for advertisement now and earning a lot from it. Hahaha!

Gang, I'm not as CHIO as you! hahahaha! SORRY to you all escpecially JOSH & WEE. Can't stop myself from doing these to both of you. Hahaha. And it's a small story-making of mine. Everyone is just FINE & COOL as they are. =)

And what about me? Ah-Yong, Sky!!! joining the force with Micheal Bay & Jerry Bruckheimer in producing more great stories for movie making since I'm one now in this entry!

And that's me! Because I love watching Armageddon. And the shooting of Armageddon 2, they decided to choose the supporters instead of those big star. And I got chosen and become one of the main-actor in the movie. Catch me in the Summer 2009! Hahaha.

Everything is possible out there when we're trying it. We still at least have 50%/50% when we're doing it. But when we're not doing it, we only have 0%!

I'm here wishing you all enjoy the countdown and a Happy 2009 New Year! Let's end 2008 with gratitude and fun! And have a nice lovely 2009!!! 加油啊!

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