Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Day To Begin...

Different days but the same shits happen!!! One wakes up in the morning and preparing either for schools or works. For those who's schooling; everyday traveling on the same road, looking at the same books and etc. After school, going back home doing home works, assignments, reports and etc. Same thing goes to those that work, everyday traveling and queuing on the same road to work. Those that work in office sit the same place doing the same paper works things everyday. Those works that involve skills which one may using the same tools everyday, looking at the computers all day long and repeating the routine again and again. The things different may be the day.

It may sounds Blue for the paragraph above. Seems like there isn't any entertainment, happiness or aim in life. Even though everyday doing the same things, it can be fun too. Just that have you found your own entertainment or aim? Even everyday doing the same thing will be fun too if there is one or two. School is fun when there are friends around and we'll just continue doing the same thing till we graduate when we got the aim to success... Life is about finding its own everything!

We don't wait for things to happen. We'll go for it. We are the one that make things happen! There are so many things to do out there that cheer up our day! Some may like to try their favorite foods or drinks that cheer them up. <- That's ME, ah-yong! Some may like to meet their soulmate that they find happiness in it. Some may be cheerful when the people around them are happy. Big varieties of examples can be describe. What are yours? The things that make your day UP! Feel happy to share it in happy-stop! You're not only bringing joy to yourseld but to the people that read it too!

And me myself, one of the things that I enjoy it to the max!!! What could it be?Err!!! No need to think lahh... It's either Foods & Drinks lahh!!!what else could it be? Hahaha!
p/s: There are a lots beside foods & drinks! =P

Ice Blended Oreo Mocha!

Mint Chocolate! I think so...

By doing the our own favorite things, it'll not only bring us JOY!!! But also...


And we can find POWER in...


A cup of Ice-Blended drink does make my day up!!!

Cheers... =D

Imagine what will happen when I had more than a cup!

That's too HIGH!!! Overloaded... Hahahahaha!!!


"秋"天的"诗" said...

yong~~ no need so 亲热 gua~~

Ah-Yong said...

Hahaha! 放心,还没到亲秘的地步! 哈哈! =D