Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gathering In Millenium Fast Food & Restaurant

One interviewed a Chef on making wonderful & tasty dishes! How did the Chef did it? What's the stories behind? What's the recipe in behind?

"Cooking, is just like life." One will need to have patience in learning, efforts that contributed, sacrifices made, determination to success, the will of not giving up, responsibility towards the customers, the warmth-heart that touches everyone and etc. It's the recipe that has the taste of ...

"SWEET" The taste that everyone enjoy. In real life, what every one pursue is the sweetness! Sweet = Joy. The feels that everyone always want in everything in their life. And that's why we always define those happy things as sweet! [Sweet memories, Sweet Times, how Sweet of you, Sweet moves and etc.]

And we're not experiencing just only Sweet in our life because there are times when we experiencing...

[Ginger Beef]

That's [Sambal Sotong]

Spicy, the taste of hot. The taste that sometimes burn our tongue or lip, the taste that makes us hot & sweat. Lets define "Spicy" is experiencing challenges & obstacles in life. When there is challenges or obstacles us, there is always question mark in us! Either we go through it, how do we go through it or we just give up just like eating "Hot & Spicy's foods". There are times that people is hesitating to try it or not, whether people can endure its hotness or not, if there is no courage in trying it, we'll just give up!

When there is a will, there is way too! Even eating too HOT's foods, we can drink water to cool it down. =D

When there is good, there is bad too. When there's happy, there's sad too. Happy = Sweet. What's the taste of sad in life? It's the taste that can stun us, the taste that make us awake when we're sleepy and it's ...

[Sheared Fish Lemon Butter Sauce]

[Lemon Chicken]

Sour, the taste that we have deep impression in. The taste that not everyone likes when it's very Sour. In real life, what's the emotion or experiences that everyone don't want to have? It'll make us heartache when we have this taste in life. It's the sorrow emotions that make people disappoint, sad, distress and etc.

In life, sour is the recipe that make us grow. Because from disappoint, sad, distress we learn and find hopes/ ways to seek happiness.

And there is taste of "BITTER" too. The taste that mostly find it HARD to swallow. In life, we'll get to feel a lot from the taste "bitter" because there are tons of challenges waiting for us and obstacles to be overcome. [Bitter = Hardship] One may suffer a lot of hardship in achieving something because good things come with patience and efforts. From bitter we found sweet! That's why there is quote in Chinese stated [先苦后甜] In Malay, there is [Biar susah "Bitter" dahulu dan senang "Sweet" kemudian]

Then we need "SALT" to cook every dishes. While frying keow tiaw, we'll put salt in it.

[Wet Fried Keow Tiaw]

[Tofu with Minced-Chicken & Baked something-something]

[Potatoes & Mixed Vegetables]

When we cook vegetables, we put SALT into it also.

[Grilled Beef]

Don't know what its name in English. In malay, it's known as [TongSeng Kambing]

While we're cooking meat's dishes, we add in SALT too... It's one of the taste that can't be left out. Because when we don't put salt into it, the dishes may taste "tasteless".

When the powers combine, I'm Captain Planet! The power of earth, fire, wind, water and heart combine, there comes Captain Planet in saving the world.

Then when Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Spicy and Salty combine, it gives us "DELICIOUS" foods! :)

Same thing when comes into Life. All those flavors make life "ATTRACTIVE". And going through with families, relatives and friends make what we are now!!!

Sweet = the happy times that I had with you all!
Bitter = the hard times that we struggled through together!
Sour = the sad times that we experiencing!
Spicy = the challenging & exciting times that we gone through!
Salty = the flavor adds in to make the recipe done! Hahaha. -__-"

Because of these, GOOD things do appear on us! Let the pictures describe the GOOD in meeting up the friends that we'd known for more than 10years!

Sheau Woei & Hui Oon

Dennis Chen & Sheng Ei

Wern Hui & Choon Luan

Chai Li on the top left!

Marvin Ang & Jestina

ME!!! Ah-Yong, SKY! haha. Eat eat eat only and that make these. [Below]

Fat Vs. Fit!!! Hahaha.

Back in the past, while we're having our class photos. The first one is always a...

FORMAL one! Smile... =D and there is Mr.Andy on the right end.

When there is formal, there is informal too...

There comes Ong Bak 3!!! Starring Ah-Yong Jaa! haha

Hahhh Herrr Hahhhh!!! Yong Bravo...

That's the gathering I had with my primary schoolmates in Chms on the 6th February 2009 in Millenium Fast Food & Restaurant.

And thank you to you all that gone through everything with me all these times! You all are the recipes of my life! Families + Relatives + Friends = the secret blends & recipes that...

Make my life COLOURFUL!!!
Thank You :)

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