Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When The Cheapskate Attacks AGAIN!!!

A historic event that happened on the 8th February 2008. An event that happened in Gadong, Negara Brunei Darussalam. A small coup d'etat that led by the two parties which were "Happy-Stop" & "Food-Hungry". A revolution which aim was to let the public aware of these two brutal parties and history remembered this historic event!!!

And I'm "Sakuragi Sky", a writer that saw the whole process of this deadliest event and here writing it down on that let our future generations know about what their great grandpa & great grandma did in the past! How proud they are at that times!

That's Sushi Tei, the name of the place where the two parties fought hard! A memorial place for the warriors! [Seems more like a Cheapskate attacks on worthy buffet than what Coup D'etat though] Hahaha!

A few photos of the strategic landscapes!

The lanterns is the holy symbol that represents the enemy! "Sushi"

And till now, the place still preserves the same as before due to famous historic event took place at!

And before we move more further, let's see the photos of those daring warriors at that time that did what no people has the [LP] to do!!!

Salute to them... and let's show them some LOVE too! hehe

That's the leader of Happy-Stop, "Captain Toyota AhYong-Kun" because he drove Toyota Tanker at that time. He's the mastermind of everthings behind these Coup D'etat!!!

That's "Private Nokia AhLiang-Kun" that mastered the art of Nokia MobilePhone and also the small brother of AhYong-Kun...

There he is. "Sergeant Suzuki Ah-Hwa-San" that drove his Suzuki Fokker that made his fame through the air.

Not going to miss out the hero & heroin too! That's the "White-Shirt Angel Jestina-Chan" [白衣天使 that can be known as Nurse] And she only healed "Lieutenant Nissan ShaoWei-Kun", the power drifter of Nissan! Hahaha! Both of them are the leader of "Food-Hungry" Party.

Let's take a group photo before everyone is out for their fight because we wouldn't know whether we're coming back or not! Hehehe.. Choii!!!

That's the 5 legendary warrior, 6th February 2009!

During the evening on that day, around 7:30pm when Sushi Tei know there is going to be an attack. They themselves doesn't hold back too that they had tighten up their securities that...

Their Sushi-Maki's privates marching here and there around the strategic landscapes!!! Hahaha!
Left Right Left Right Left Right!!!

And of course there weren't one easy-going enemies too!!! Here there are...

Lieutenant Unagi-maki

Sergeant Crabstick & Cucumber Sushi

Corporal Mixed-Ingredients Maki

Lance Corporal Steamed Egg-Sushi

Commisioner Tuna-Sushi

Soupie Egg! -__-!! What a name~ =P

And here's the deadliest captain that gave the warrior 5 a lot of hard time in accomplishing their mission... Let's meet...

Captain WASABI-CHAN!!! Hahaha...

Ohh No!!! Seems that the warrior 5 had been surrounded!!!

Not only surrounded but also outnumbered too!!! What should they do? Can the warrior 5 make it?

With the great fighting skills and strong spirit possessed, the warrior 5 fought with pride & honor!

Aaaammmmmmmm!!!! Sabotaging plate by plate!!! That's the way uh huh~ uh huh~ I like it! haha... should be that's the "art of war" by Captain Toyota AhYong-Kun!

Awww... Captain Toyota AhYong-Kun surrender? Is these the end of the whole revolution? How can be warrior like that!!!

Nehhh!!! It's just a clever tactic used in the fight!

Hahhhh!!! Only the strongest survives!!! The two parties won and no fatality from the warrior 5! As for Sushi Tei, they had lost around 170 ranked sushi & maki officers and also lost around 55+ battle tankers that's used to carry those officers! Hahaha~

Here they are in taking down the symbol!!!

Peace is once again appears in the little town Gadong!!!

These post is written in memory of...

Captain Toyota AhYong-Kun, 1987 - ???? These shows that he's still ALIVE!!! Hehehe!

And after that incident, he's also...

By every restaurants too!!! Hahahaha!!! There he goes!!!

[Weeiii! Do I worth that much only mehh?] =D

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