Monday, February 23, 2009

A Small Celebration For You

A small celebration that took place on the 19th February 2008!!!

For delivery services, please dial the number above! =D

And what's the occasion celebrated on that day? Err... The attack of the Captain Toyota AhYong-Kun again? Another "eat all you can" revolution? Hahaha! Since it's Capers, "Eat all you can in PIZZAs and PASTAs"! And since it's Ah-Yong some more, there aren't anything without foods! -__-"

Tettt!!! There are things beside foods. =D

Celebrating someone birthday in Capers! Whose birthday could it be?

Awwww!!! How sweet & nice of you all for having early celebration for me! Hahaha! That's Kojack beside me.

Tettt!!! Definitely not Ah-Yong's Birthday with expression like these! Hehe. Happy-Stop wants you to meet Chang Yan. That's my cousin...

Ini Ini Mai Ni Mo, Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do! Whose Birthday could it be?

Say Hi To Mei Ying [Left] & Pey Yun [Right] Are you the birthday girl?

That's Shi Shi. All the pictures posted in these entry are all taken by her! Took it from her. Thank You! She's an ID, interior design and a blogger too. Someone that enjoys taking pictures on her daily basis that she blogs it out on!!! Do you all find out something different about the entry here?

Well, no food pictures huhh! Hahaha! Size tells what characteristics the person are, the interest of the person and etc. And there are lots of food's pictures post in Happy-Stop because the author's size is...

ROUND!!! Hehehe. These explain everything!!! =D Jes commented that I look so EVIL here. I commented that I looked so ROUND here. What do you guys think? Fat? Evil? or CUTE??? Hahaha! -__-"

And I got carried a little bit further here. Hehe! Whose birthday could it be? I'm saving the best for the last! hehe!

And the star of the night will be...

Nana! A big fan of Jay Chou. Though you're a lot smaller than me in Size! But there is something big in you that you have one BIG heart! The heart that bring warmth to people around. You're one cheerful & helpful person around. Though sometime you're straight forward that got me unspeakable. Haha! But you're just one Lovely cousin & sister that we got here! Thank You and

Happy Birthday To You!!!

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