Thursday, February 12, 2009

There Is Half-Free Meal In These World

Economic Crisis nowadays. Those got strong foundation in behind may still hold against the big waves hitting. And to those that may not yet have the stable foundation, they are forced to cut cost on their production to cover up their expenses that lots of people were ask to leave from the companies, factories, offices, shops and etc. Unfortunately to those that can't make it, they have to shut down their factories or companies. The prices of raw materials are growing up high that had made the products produced from it also got expensive. The price of oil increases that automatically also increases the cost of shipping.

Last time I can get a bowl of Kolomee in Miri with just RM1.80 and now it'd increased to RM2.30/bowl due to inflation in flour & oil. Not only happened in Malaysia, but also to Brunei too! Still remember that last time we can get a pack of rice with choice of one meat and one vegetable that only cost us B$1.00 and now the price also increased that we're paying extra B$1.00 or B$0.50! And I did paid B$4.00 for one pack of rice in Sumbangsih. Just like eating in restaurant already. That must be I chosed varieties of dishes! Ah-Yong, no comment from him! Tam Chiak. Haha~ And then last time, when we're taking away [Tapao] Kolomee. The restaurant would use white plastic container and now somes had use plastic and newspaper wrapping around it. It's told that it can save up the expenses.

In Brunei, things aren't as bad as other. We don't suffer that much compare to other countries that thousands had lost their jobs, big companies, factories is closing down and etc. With just B$1.00, we still can get a packet of Nasi Katok that still can satisfy our hunger. Hahaha! But things are not the same as before that people spend their money wisely, which should be spend and which should not be spend. People don't spend money like the running water from the opened water-tap! People buys things that are cheap or in a bargained price. People saving more money each months!

There is no free meal in these world that we have to pay when we want to eat. We have to buy rice, cooking oil, vegetables, raw meats to be cook. When we go restaurant, we have to pay too. And when we go out for hanging out with friends. We may just only order drink so we don't spend more... When we don't spend more, we can save more... =D

Coconut Milk Shake

Oreo Milk Shake

As mentioned above, things aren't that bad here. There may not have free meals in these world but we may have half-free meals in Brunei! Hehehe.

Fried Keow Tiaw [Dry]

Tomato Fried Keow Tiaw [Wet]

Black Pepper Lamb Chop that serves with Fries

It's because its half-free meal!!! I'm visiting there for the second time again. A realistic & cheapskate author we got here. Hahaha! One of the thing we pursue in our life is Worth! Is it worth that we do these? Is it worth buying these and that? Is he/she worth for you doing everything? When its worth everything, we'll do it whatever it takes... Even though it's half-free meal, the cook also didn't give half discount in the quantity of the ingredients too. Which it's very worth even though I'm identify as "Cheapskate" or "Realistic"! haha.

Tauhu something-something... It's tastes like ROJAK...

But for the least I'm not selfish here... Not keeping these for myself. I'm sharing it with mr.Joshua and here with you all! haha...

[Sharing is Caring] =)

And he got himself these on that night!

"Sunrise or Sunset Fried Rice"

And I got myself these...

American Fried Rice!!!

And I don't know what I becoming when I'm Hungry!!!
Please nooooo, I'm sure I wouldn't like it...


All the drinks & foods above do look tempting and can feel its tastiness from it! It's half-price from its original price which is 50% discounts on ALL the foods & drinks! No more hesitating there, let's bring families, relatives, friends go and enjoy those tasty foods... Let's be "Cheapskate" once in a while. Especially during the economic depression!!! Hahaha.

Yeah! Valentine day is around the corner now! It's on the 14th February! Gossh, middle of the month again. A lot to spend on valentine... No worries also because there is half-free meals we can get in Brunei!!! Wishing everyone have a nice valentine's day...

But where? Haven't stated the place yet...

Here it is...

Hmmph!!! COFFEE-BEAN!?!?! It's coffee-bean but not the franchise shop, Coffee-Bean! Apakan~

Here's a little bit hints for you!!!
Let's see if these are familiar to you all...

Got the place in the mind already? Want more hints/ clues? Sure, why not? But before that have to pay some tips too! "Cheapskate" Haha.. Nyeh, author maybe cheapskate but not selfish. -__-"

Got the name of the place in the mind already? It's in Gadong, is located same block with the Brunei's biggest CD/DVD supplier! hahaha.

By that, everyone should know where it is already!!!

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