Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One Hill Is Higher Than One Hill

One hill is higher than one hill. It may sound weird in English. It's one Chinese's quote that is "一山比一山高" which it means there are peoples/ things that are better than each ones. When these company invent a new products, times later there is other companies that can produce more efficiency products! Today he maybe the new Most Valuable Player in NBA then maybe tomorrow there is new other people that replace him. Today you maybe the top but can you maintain to be top forever? It's always a better competitor out there, and we learn from them to be strong!

In the year 1998, Malaysia built herself the world tallest building which is the Petronas Twin-Towers. For years, it still maintain her record. Till year 2004, Taiwan took over the record that she built herself the tallest building which is known as Taipei 101 in the capital, Taipei! Guess that people who seek for improvement that always want to overtake or overwhelm the strong one. Those who try to improve will learn, then those got defeated still will learn from its mistake that they'll make better move next time which may defeat its rival back.

Lots of people sees competiting into a game of win and lose. Why not we see it in other way around that we are not seeing win and lose but also learning from the compeitors/ competition or rivals. Magic Johnsons wouldn't be that strong without Larry Bird. Same goes to Larry Bird too. Being strong alone in the whole league wouldn't be any challenging that the games in NBA also would'nt be that exciting. All these fights between make the games HOT!!! That's why the slogan of NBA in espn is "I LOVE THIS GAME!"

The previous time went to Tamu Selera, Bandar Seri Begawan. I got myself a discount of $1 in the ikan panggang. Was so happy and exciting at that time. Then during the last visit on the 16th January 2009, I'm trying to get discount from one of the stall.

Can I get it this time? I'm insisting in asking the Indonesian worker to give me discount. He also insist don't want to give me discount! Till the time he served us the dish, I told him that if he doesn't give me a dollar discount. I don't want the dish, I'm cancelling it. Hahaha! Woo, how bad I am. He still insisted not to give. Well, I'm not that bad till really cancelling the food that I ordered. In the end, I'm paying the full price... I lost~ Hahaha! Nvm, I still have my chance. =D

The dish that I start bargaining from the time I ordered till the time it's served. "Panggang Sambal Sotong" Mas, kasi lah $1 ringgit kurang lagi lah... Hahaha! Cheapskate Yong~

"Black Pepper Lamb" the 2nd dish ordered at that time and ordered by Mr.Andy. No bargaining from Andy. Biasa, not cheapskate as ME! -_-"

Every time buying myself a cup of ready-made coconut drink. Why not a fresh coconut drink this time! Let's try it out in well natural taste.

It's my first time ordering fresh coconut drink. Let's take pictures with it!!!

It's like the size of my head!!!

Hey!!! Are you making fun of me? And have you take enough pictures of me? Huhhh huhhh~ You don't mess up with me, Boy!!! Linpeh is mafia coconut!

Haha... Pasar Malam, one of the brunei's culture and lifestyle!!! National day is on its way that everyone start to prepare for the celebration. Students, civil servants, armies, polices, navies and a lot more are rehearsaling everyday to give their best on that day! Training hard under the hot sun and rain. That's the spirit. Brunei Yakin!!!

Brunei Darussalam, celebrating its 25th national day on the 23rd February 2008! YippYipp Hooraayy~

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